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Conversation Partners & Virtual Conversation Partners

TSIE Conversation Partner Program

TSIE’s Conversation Partner program brings international students together with American students through internationally-focused, on-campus events, the TSIE Conversation Partner Program also facilitates the sharing of diversity among Texas State students. This program pairs individual TSIE students and fully-admitted international students with American Texas State students. Each pair is assigned by the TSIE office but the pairs have complete freedom over the topics exchanged.  Each pair traditionally meets an average of 1 hour per week during the regular semesters (fall and spring).  The international student and the American student are responsible for arranging a meeting as well as what will be discussed, be it formal tutoring or casual conversation. This program is free of charge and open to all interested Texas State students of all academic levels. **New** Virtual conversation partners are now available. See below for information.

TSIE's Conversation Partner Program is currently deferring inquiries to International Affairs' Global Bobcats. Please follow the link to participate.

Conversation Circle

Every semester, TSIE provides its students with an opportunity for English conversation with American students outside of the classroom environment.  Various organizations, teams, special students, presenters, and others from the local community and/or Texas State University are invited to give a short presentation on a topic.  These topics have ranged from the jobs available in Texas, to the food served on campus, to safety tips from the police, to Texas State's own cheerleading team, the Texas State Strutters.  TSIE students are encouraged to participate in this optional meeting to not only develop their listening and speaking skills, but also to provide a meaningful base of American and Texas State culture in a personalized and stress-free context.  At the end of the presentation, TSIE students and American students will have the opportunity to converse, play games, or do small events with one another, ultimately, trading their ideas and cultures. This program is free of charge and open to students of all levels.

For more information or to get involved in the Conversation Circle Program, please contact our office here.

Virtual Conversation Partners

TSIE offers virtual conversation partner sessions between international students and Texas State University students by arrangement. Sessions are generally 30 minutes in length and follow a general guideline for conversation topics. International learners of English who are intermediate to advanced level are best suited to this virtual format. Participants are given access to a Zoom portal via an institutional learning platform.

Partnerships are subject to availability. Please use the application above to request participation.

For more information or to get involved as a Virtual Conversation partner, please contact our office here.