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Intensive English Program

IEP Overview

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is for those students who wish to study academic American English and culture for personal or professional enrichment. The program also serves students interested in studying at Texas State in the future. However, admission to the IEP does not guarantee admission to Texas State University.

The IEP only requires students to complete an application to the TSIE program (link found below) and does not require a TOEFL or IELTS score. In this application, students will submit personal information and the necessary financial documents needed to process a language training Form I-20 and an IEP Acceptance Letter. After a student is accepted, they will be required to take the TSIE Placement Tests to determine level placement.

All IEP students will be able to enroll in a maximum of 4 core TSIE classes (reading, listening, speaking and writing) for 20 hours per week, ranging from levels 1500 to 4550. After completing all four 4550-level TSIE classes, students will be encouraged to apply to Texas State University if they are interested and qualified.

IEP Structure 

Students will be required to take the TSIE Placement Tests to determine their level for each proficiency skill. According to those results, as well as other English proficiency tests (TOEFL/IELTS if available) and the student's academic and professional goals, TSIE will select which classes and levels the student should enroll in for that semester.

It is possible for students to be at different levels in different skills or to test well enough so that they do not need to enroll in any classes for a specific skill. Overall, TSIE ensures that students enroll in classes that are customized to the student's needs and goals as well as their current ability.

Each level consists of 4 classes for an entire semester (spring, fall, summer). A student's time in the IEP will depend on the level in which they are placed, as well as their progress in each class throughout their intensive English career. Typically, students placed in all Level 1 classes will take 5 semesters worth of intensive English classes (about 2 years worth) and then be encouraged to apply to Texas State University to start their academic degree program if interested. The levels are outlined as follows:

Level 1 (1500) -  High Beginning

  • ESLR 1500 (Reading)
  • ESLL 1500 (Listening)
  • ESLW 1500 (Writing)
  • ESLS 1500 (Speaking)

Level 2 (2500) - Low Intermediate

  • ESLR 2500 (Reading)
  • ESLL 2500 (Listening)
  • ESLW 2500 (Writing)
  • ESLS 2500 (Speaking)

Level 3 (3500) - High Intermediate

  • ESLR 3500 (Reading)
  • ESLL 3500 (Listening)
  • ESLW 3500 (Writing)
  • ESLS 3500 (Speaking)

Level 4 (4500) - Low Advance

  • ESLR 4500 (Reading)
  • ESLL 4500 (Listening)
  • ESLW 4500 (Writing)
  • ESLS 4500 (Speaking)

Level 5 (4550) - High Advanced *

  • ESLR 4550 (Reading) *
  • ESLL 4550 (Listening) *
  • ESLW 4550 (Writing) *
  • ESLS 4550 (Speaking) *

* The 4550 Agreement: Once a student has completed all 4 of the advanced Level 5 classes with a grade of "B" or higher, the student has completed the program and may waive the TOEFL/IELTS requirement associated with admission to Texas State University. 

For more information about TSIE classes, please go here.

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