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Class List

TSIE offers classes in 4 core English skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. These courses are offered every semester and are available to all admitted TSIE students.

Each class is divided into 5 levels starting from Level 1 - 1500 (beginning) and ending at the program's highest level, Level 5 - 4550 (advanced). Each class covers an entire academic semester, specifically 15 weeks in the fall and spring and 10 weeks in the summer. Once a student completes a level, they will move up in that skill to the next level, until they have completed all 4 skills at the 4550 (advanced) level of the program. (In the event of low enrollment, it is possible that students will be required to attend a mixed level class. Student levels are appropriately recognized and level improvement is closely monitored in mixed level classes.)

Students are also encouraged to take an optional Test Preparation Class as most students require a language proficiency score to earn full admission to Texas State University. This course is offered every semester, starting a few weeks after the beginning of the semester and ending the week before the program's Institutional TOEFL PBT is administered.


  • Level 1 - ESLR 1500 (High Beginning)
  • Level 2 - ESLR 2500 (low intermediate)
  • Level 3 - ESLR 3500 (HIgh Intermediate)
  • Level 4 - ESLR 4500 (high intermediate)
  • Level 5 - ESLR 4550 (HIgh Advanced)

Throughout the 5 levels of reading classes in TSIE, students will improve reading comprehension and speed, acquire new vocabulary, comprehend academic essays and texts, increase cultural understanding through newspapers and novels, analyze and identify academic reading passages and articles, and practice official English language test formats in this skill.


  • Level 1 - ESLL 1500 (High Beginning)
  • Level 2 - ESLL 2500 (low intermediate)
  • Level 3 - ESLL 3500 (High Intermediate)
  • Level 4 - ESLL 4500 (high intermediate)
  • Level 5 - ESLL 4550 (High Advanced)

Throughout the 5 levels of listening classes in TSIE, students will recognize simple and complex requests and questions, identify main ideas, details, and inferences, acquire note-taking skills for academic lecture purposes, expand vocabulary, respond to real-world listening activities (TV, radio, friends, family, etc.), and practice official English language test formats in this skill.


  • Level 1 - ESLW 1500 (High Beginning)
  • Level 2 - ESLW 2500 (low intermediate)
  • Level 3 - ESLW 3500 (High Intermediate)
  • Level 4 - ESLW 4500 (high intermediate)
  • Level 5 - ESLW 4550 (High Advanced)

Throughout the 5 levels of writing classes in TSIE, students will construct basic and complex written expressions, produce original paragraphs and essays, conduct academic research, prepare and present a full-length academic research paper, expand writing formats and styles for academic and personal use, and practice official English language test formats in this skill.


  • Level 1 - ESLS 1500 (High beginning)
  • Level 2 - ESLS 2500 (low intermediate)
  • Level 3 - ESLS 3500 (High Intermediate)
  • Level 4 - ESLS 4500 (high intermediate)
  • Level 5 - ESLS 4550 (High Advanced)

Throughout the 5 levels of speaking classes in TSIE, students will develop pronunciation skills, initiate and sustain conversations, express opinions and ideas, lead and participate in student discussions, acquire new vocabulary, understand idioms, give individual and group presentations, and practice official English language test formats in this skill.

Test Preparation

  • All Levels - ESLT 1000 (beginning - advanced)

In this optional preparation class, students will receive individualized practice materials and guidance for the IELTS, TOEFL iBT and PBT through authentic exercises and materials in order to increase their test-taking speed, comprehension, and accuracy. Students will rehearse multiple test-taking situations in a controlled classroom environment focused on section-level achievement. To register for this course, please go here.