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HPN Symposium 2020

Somos Mas



Our annual Hispanic Policy Network Symposium has been postponed until further notice.

The HPN Spring Symposium brings together Texas State students, faculty, staff and community members to meet, exchange and learn information, ideas, and best practices that support and serve Hispanics and Latinx communities in higher education. This year's Symposium focuses on the innovative spirit of our cultures and its contributions to our community, society, and the world at large. The Symposium will give us a space to honor past contributions, celebrate present accomplishments and to discuss building a better future together. The symposium will include workshops, lectures, presentations and keynote address.

Schedule At-A-Glance

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  • We will begin the day with a quick check-in and kicking-off our first Virtual HPN Symposium! This will also be a time for you and your family to get your loteria cards as we get ready to play a few rounds as familia.

  • During this time, we will go over a few things as to the theme of the Symposium and showcasing a short clip of Dr. Gloria Martinez, Director of the Latinx Studies Minor, and encouraging everyone to take the Census. 

  • We will begin our Lotería rounds as we get into lunch time, so please prepare yourself a nice lunch of flautas, empanadas, arroz con pollo, chiles rellenos or your favorite pan dulce y cafe. Instructions on how to play are included below:

    1. Download a Lotería table template from Pinterest of a quick Google search of "loteria table template" and download the image. You can print it to make it easier, but you can also play from your device. We recommend you print it so you can place your bottle caps or beans/rice on top of the cards drawn. 
    2. Take out your loteria tables from your closet and choose your favorite one! This might be easier for us who are used to playing in person rather than online. 
    3. Limit your loteria tables to 1 per person.
    4. Be sure to check your email in order to enter the Zoom link and start playing. 
    5. Once a round begins, no one can enter that round. 
    6. Standard loteria rules will be in a row horizontally, vertically, and diagnollaly. 
  • In concluding our virtual HPN Symposium, we'll be announcing the recipients of the Latinx Star Awards and the HPN Scholarship recipients as well. Please join us as we celebrate their hard work and as we recognize them!

  • We'll provide some updates as we conclude our annual symposium.

HPN Symposium Research Poster Competition

Learn more about requirements to submit your poster by going to HPN Symposium Research Poster Competition

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