HPN Statement of Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

Nuestra gente, 

These last few weeks have been challenging for many of us. The senseless killing and murder of Black lives across the nation have left many of us with pain and confusion, especially when those who have been tasked with serving and protecting continue to showcase abuse, privilege, and injustice. While many of us are still grieving our Black brothers, sisters, and siblings be dehumanized, abused, and collectively be oppressed, we cannot stay silent or continue with “business as usual.”

The challenges of systemic oppressions, police brutality, and racism have never left. The recent police killings of George Floyd, Tony McDade, Sean Reed, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Ramos, and sadly, many more is revealing of a system that has brutalized and oppressed the Black community. While we mourn for those who still should be with us, we also are in solidarity with our Black brothers, sisters, siblings, students, faculty, and staff.

The Hispanic Policy Network has always been a space for inclusion, familia, and advocacy. However, I want to acknowledge that our community has been a part of this systemic oppression as anti-blackness very much exists in the Latinx/Hispanic community. This is true, even as we experience injustices, oppression, and abuse within the very same system that affects the Hispanic/Latinx community. We of resilient people and will tend to our healing, but at this present moment, we are called to focus on Black lives. The continued erasure of Black-Latinx and Afro-Latinx narratives is something that we need to address within our own communities and homes. So whether we are protesting, donating, signing petitions, or preparing to mentor and educate our students and colleagues, we simply ask that you address all forms of anti-blackness. There is much work to do in our own Latinx/Hispanic community, in our University, and in our own homes. The injustices experienced by the Black community is our pain because we are familia. We ask you all to join us in solidarity as we state:

Black Lives Matter.
Black Students Matter. 
Black Faculty Matter. 
Black Staff Matter. 
Las Vidas Negras Importan. 

In closing, I call you all to action once again to find ways to support Black lives. Interrupt anti-blackness and racism, educate yourself and your peers, and continue to call for justice at all levels. As President of HPN, I have always and will always continue to advocate for justice. 

Please continue to take precautions as we advocate for justice and to take time for yourselves to feel grounded as this work can be taxing and your health matters to.