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For Thesis Supervisors

Supervising an honors student’s thesis is equivalent to directing an independent study. The honors thesis should be interdisciplinary in focus to go beyond the scope of a research project, with the understanding that it is not intended to be the equivalent of a master's thesis. All Honors College theses should be supervised by faculty at Texas State. Faculty appointed with the title of Senior Lecturer, Assistant Professor, Associate Professor, and Professor are automatically considered qualified to serve as the supervisor for a student’s Honors College thesis.  All other requests for a supervisor with any other title (such as Research Professor, Lecturer, or Clinical Associate Professor) will be checked first by the Honors College staff and then approved by the Chair or School Director associated with the proposed supervisor.  Second readers may be faculty but can also come from outside the university when appropriate.


How does the thesis semester work?

The student whose work you are supervising will enroll in HON 4390B: Honors Thesis. This course gives the student honors credit for completing the thesis. Each student enrolled in HON 4390B is working on a separate thesis with a supervising professor who is an expert in the area of the student’s research or creative endeavor. Dr. Ron Haas is the teacher of record for HON 4390B but the student works primarily with you and, occasionally, a second reader. In addition, we will ask your input, as the student’s thesis supervisor, for the grade the student earns working with you on the honors thesis. Please contact Dr. Ron Haas at if your student’s work is unsatisfactory.

Examples of previous undergraduate theses can be found in the Digital Collections.


How often should the thesis supervisor meet with the thesis student?

The thesis student should meet with you regularly – weekly or bi-monthly – so you can provide guidance and to discuss drafts of his or her work. The student is responsible for providing timely drafts of the thesis to you and to apprise you of his or her work and progress. Honors students facing their last semester before graduation often find themselves overextended and overwhelmed; any help you can provide in structuring time and breaking a huge task into smaller tasks will help keep your student focused.  A draft of the thesis is usually due to Dr. Haas halfway through the semester.


Are funds available for honors thesis research?

Yes, URF grants are available for up to $1000 for travel to do research or for materials. See URF for details.


What is the Honors Thesis Forum/Undergraduate Research Conference?

The Honors Thesis Forum is a time for students to present an overview of their thesis work. Scheduled on the hour, students will have 20 minutes to make a presentation and answer questions. Please plan to attend your student’s presentation. The thesis forum is held in the fall and the URC is held in the spring. In addition to providing a vehicle for honors thesis students to present their research, the Undergraduate Research Conference is open to any undergraduate student interested in presenting current research.


What format should the honors thesis follow?

The first page of the honors thesis is the signature page, which you will need to sign when the student has completed the thesis. The second page is the title page. The rest of the format should follow the standards set by your department for a master’s thesis.


*Special Note: Students who maintain a 3.25 GPA or better and who complete at least 5 honors courses including the Honors Thesis, or who minor in Honors Studies will graduate in the Honors College.