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Dr. Emmie Craddock

Professor Emmie Craddock

Dr. Emmie Craddock, 1915-1998

In 1967 Dr. Emmie Craddock founded what was then called the General Honors Program. Also Professor Emeritus of the History department, she has provided a model for both honors professors and students, establishing many of the traits the Honors College promotes. Craddock was convinced that immersion in a scholarly community could give a person insight on the larger world. A Navy Reserve recruit during World War II, she began studying history because she believed that by studying the past, people could begin to understand the forces that had led to the war, and prevent such a horrific set of events from unfolding again.
Not only did Craddock want to understand the problems of social interaction and politics, but to engage directly in solving them through leadership in volunteer organizations and in government. In 1974, Craddock became the first female mayor in San Marcos—a position in which she served for eight years. She also founded the San Marcos League of Women Voters and the Heritage Association of San Marcos, and helped start the San Marcos Food Bank and the San Marcos River Foundation.
Professor Emmie Craddock

Craddock was as devoted to teaching as she was to learning. Her excellence as a teacher was recognized with the statewide Piper Professor award in 1962. She maintained this high level of quality throughout her career, receiving the President’s Award for Excellence in 1982 and the Honors Professor of the Year award. The scholarship established in her name in the Honors College is awarded annually to students who have majors in Chemistry, Physics, History, or English, and/or are members of the Honors College.