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Honors in the News

The University Star, the Texas State blog, and other news outlets feature several articles on the Honors College.  These articles discuss scholarships, registration, and honors students.  The most recent articles highlight a number of activities within our program.

Spring 2015

Dr, Bira
Dr. Lindsay Bira

Dr. Lindsay Bira Shines in PTSD Research

Dr. Lindsay Bira, an Honors alumna, has been spotlighted by the UT Health Science Center - San Antonio: "Dr. Bira is a clinical fellow at STRONG STAR, specializing in treating combat-related PTSD in the military population. STRONG STAR is currently the world’s largest PTSD research consortium."

Honors Professors Recognized

The following Honors Professors were presented with Presidential Awards. These awards are given annually to faculty who have demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching, scholarship, or service.

  • Dr. Steven Beebe: Excellence in Service
  • Dr. David Nolan: Excellence in Teaching
  • Dr. Caitlin Gabor: Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activities
  • Dr. Ziliang Zong: Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activities

Fall 2013

Dr. Gilbert Martinez's HON 3396E, Free Speech, Free Press, and the Supreme Court of the United States, takes a field trip and writes about free speech and free press around the world.

More Students Should Be Involved in Honors College 

The Honors College offers undergraduates many opportunities and privileges. Mass Communication honors student, Savannah Wingo, writes about her favorite things about being in Honors including; the small sizes and the opportunity to take one-of-a-kind classes with creative courses that substitute for core courses.


 Fall 2012

Stephanie Daul, third from right, with friends during reception for Business Leadership Week
Stephanie Daul, third from right, with friends during reception for Business Leadership Week

Honors student Stephanie Daul awarded the Jo Anne J. Trow National Undergraduate Scholarship


From The Texas State University Blog: Stephanie Daul, a junior at Texas State University double-majoring in accounting and finance, was awarded the 2012 Jo Anne J. Trow National Undergraduate Scholarship this past summer. The highly prestigious scholarship is awarded to only 35 undergraduates across the United States.

Daul received the $2,000 award through her membership in the Alpha Lambda Delta (ALD) Honor Society, which she has belonged to since her freshman year. Daul qualified for her scholarship due to her 4.0 GPA, involvement on campus and recommendations from well-acquainted professors. Diann A. McCabe, director of academic development in the Honors College, says Daul “demonstrates the kind of academic depth and leadership potential that we
 hope to see in all Texas State students.”

By Andrew Osegi

For full article, visit the Texas State University Blog website.

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  • Dean Dr. Heather Galloway interviewed by News Reporter Nicole Barrios in August for campus paper, The University Star. Below is the full-text from that interview.

    Q&A Dean of Honors College Dr. Heather Galloway, by News reporter Nicole Barrios
    NB: What honors events can students look forward to during the upcoming academic year?
    HG: We’ll have a freshman retreat for incoming freshman honors students and we will have our usual Meet the Professors Night. We also will have Del Shores coming to visit. He is a director/producer/actor/playwright and he wrote play called “Sordid Lives” that was made into a film. There will also be discussion in the (Honors Coffee) Forum, which is an Honors event, but also part of a new class, which is Introduction to LGBT studies. So he’ll also meet with the class, in which space is still available for this fall.

    NB: Which honors course being offered tis fall is most exciting to you?
    HG: Portraiture: Writing Yourself into Academia will be a really interesting class. We’ll look at writing in a new way, both personal and academic. The other class I’m excited about is Public Policy for Energy, the Environment and Global Sustainability. It’s being taught by a professor from political science, and obviously is of interest to people who are interested in politics and how public policy shapes our world. It will also be of interest to geography majors and history majors. Hopefully it will attract a good group of interdisciplinary students.

    NB: Since becoming an Honors College from what was previously an honors program, has there been a noticeable increase in applicants and class registration for this fall?
    HG: To increase class registration you have to increase your class offerings, so our fall enrollment will be a record for Honors. The reason that we are now a college is that we had already grown into a substantial size. We will have record enrollment in students, new freshman and number of students enrolled in classes. There are more than 400 students in honors classes now, and that’s before late registration.

    NB: In your opinion, what type of student excels in an environment such as the Honors College?
    HG: A student who’s looking to do more than they’re required. If you just want to get through college then you’re probably not interested in Honors. So someone who really wants to see how much they can get out of every class, and students who are interested in being more creative and inventive.

    NB: What is your favorite thing about Texas State?
    HG: Oh my gosh, I live here. This is my life. How can I say one thing that’s my favorite about Texas State? That’s a really tough one. I think the one thing I would say is that I just love my quality of life being a part of the Texas State campus. I ride my bike everywhere, so I don’t have to get in a car to go anywhere. To be able to ride your bike as your primary means of transportation and have a completely rich cultural and intellectual life is kind of amazing. People think to have a really rich cultural life you need to go live in New York City or L.A and drive everywhere. I manage to have a really wonderful life seeing amazing plays and productions, hearing amazing music and meeting students who are out to change the world, and I don’t even have to get in a car.

Summer 2012

Lampasas 4th Floor renovations
Hallway entrance to newly renovated 3rd floor of Lampasas. Tile design by famous architect Scott Specht meant to echo style and impressions of Texas State's design master plan.

As students may have noticed from the chorus of drilling and hammering for the past few months, Lampasas, the building housing the Honors College and the International Studies' office, has been under construction. The project was completed the summer of 2012, just in time for the building's centennial celebration, which took place officially in fall 2012.

An article, published in the Austin-American Statesman, spoke about the renovations. Our new neighbors below include faculty and staff members from the Center for Diversity and Gender Studies, Department of English, School of Music, and School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Spring 2012

Fall 2011

Honors Desn Dr. Heather Galloway in China
Honors Dean Dr. Heather Galloway in China
  • Honors Program to become a college, (SM Mercury).
  • Honors Program to become a college, (SA Express).
  • Honors Program to become a college, (University Star).
  • Honors Program Prepares to become a college.
  • Student Undergraduate Research Fund in the news.
  • S.U.R.F. helping Texas State become a research focused institution.
  • Dr. Galloway works to promote Science in Cambodia.

Summer 2011

Spring 2011


  • The Honors Program sponsors a free GRE review session
  • Honors students in Nancy Wilson's South Asian Literature course celebrate the beginning of the Hindu spring festival, Holi.
  • Students participate in the Sustainability Exploration Event
  • HSA participates in Relay for Life
  • Honors student Carter Maddox starts student protest through Facebook
  • Texas State Honors alumnus and Juilliard faculty member, Wayne Oquin's work with Texas State and current projects
  • Honors professor and Assistant Director Diann McCabe promotes diversity program funding
  • Honors student Kelby Wenger donates stem cells and saves a stranger's life
  • Honors alumnus Christian Wallace blogs about Cheatham Street Warehouse and a Star article about the inspiration for his thesis
  • English professor and Honors faculty Steve Wilson talks about his study abroad program in Ireland
  • Honors professor Dr. Oren Renick is the new president of Hope Hospice

Fall 2010

Festive dancers for the Dia de Los Muertos celebration
Festive dancers for the Dia de Los Muertos celebration
  • Día de los Muertos Celebration
  • University Star mini-article about the Honors Coffee Forum
  • Student comments on the Honors Program. 
  • Honors student Angelika Fuller's  activism
  • Expansion of the Honors Program
  • Honors Associate Director, Diann McCabe as San Marcos Woman of the Year
  • Honors courses (HON 3392R and HON 3394Z)
  • Honors student Hylary Ahrendt speaks about her "whole mind education"


Spring 2010

Students in the "Free Speech, Free Press and the Supreme Court of the U.S." course
Students in the "Free Speech, Free Press" Honors course
  • Honors alumna Amber Jackson, speaks about her academic and professional passions
  • Honors professor, John Hood and Troupe Texas
  • Honors class field trips


Fall 2009

  • Featured event: Día de los Muertos Celebration
  • HOPE gallery exhibition in the Coffee Forum