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Honors Learning Community

How to Apply

To apply for a spot in the Honors Learning Community, complete your housing contract and send your request with your name and Texas State ID (Letter A + 8 D digits) to



The Honors Learning Community gives students the opportunity to develop lifelong friendships throughout their academic experience. Students accepted to the Honors LC will live together at Laurel Hall and will take part in a series of in-class and out-of-class activities designed to foster a sense of community. Becoming a part of the Honors LC allows students to remain in an academic setting both in and outside of the classroom.


Alexa studying.

2013-2014 HLC Resident Assistants (Andrew McNair, Clancy Taylor, and Kaela McLeod)


All students in the Learning Community will take an honors section of US 1100. Honors sections of this course are smaller than regular sections and focus on engaging students in the Common Experience. Honors US 1100 professors are dedicated to their students. In your time spent in US 1100, they will help you to plan your education at Texas State. This includes exploring possible topics for your honors thesis.


Going Beyond

Students in US 1100 must attend a certain number of Common Experience events featuring film, music, poetry discussions and theater. Being in the honors LC gives students the opportunity to use these opportunities to do these activities together and make friends in the Honors College.