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URC and Honors Thesis Forum Schedule

13th Annual

Undergraduate Research Conference

and Honors Thesis Forum

URC and Honors Thesis Forum Schedule
Event Date Time Location
Oral Presentations Wednesday, April 24 8AM - 5PM LBJSC 3-5.1.
Oral Presentations Thursday, April 25 8AM - 5PM LBJSC 3-5.1.
Oral Presentations Friday, April 26 8AM - 12PM LBJSC 3-5.1.
Poster Presentation & Reception Friday, April 26 1PM - 4 PM LBJ Ballroom

Wednesday, April 24 - LBJSC 3-5.1.

Oral Presentations

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  • Title: A Day in the Life: An Ethnography

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Rachel Romero, Department of Sociology

  • Title: Divorce During a Revolution: Gender, Community Oversight, and Petitions in Massachusetts, 1771-1781

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Sara Damiano, Department of History

  • Title: Fighting Traffic with Immerging Technologies: An Analysis of Austin Traffic using Dynamic Time Warping and Bluetooth Data

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Yihong Yuan, Department of Geography

  • Title: The Use of Poetic Transcription to Discuss Police Brutality in the U.S.

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Rachel Romero, Department of Sociology

  • Title: Creating a Sustainable Affordable Homes Program: Case Study of The Mueller Redevelopment Project in Austin, Texas

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Eric Sarmiento, Department of Geography

  • Title: The Effects of The Affordable Care Act on Women’s Health

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Jose A. Betancourt, School of Health Administration

  • Title: Diplomacy Through Imposition: U.S. Posture Towards Iran and North Korea

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Ronald Johnson, Department of History

  • Title: Divisional Shift: A Fiction Piece

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Chad Hammett, Department of English

  • Title: Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment of Trichotillomania

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Ollie Seay, Department of Psychology

  • Title: The Pothos Project

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Jordan Morille, Honors College

  • Title: Activating a Competitive Drive: A Training Program Created to Build a Foundation for Post College Success

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Michel Burns, Department of Communication Studies

  • Title: Sekoia and the Books of the Galápagos – Narrating Biological Anthropology through Magical Realism

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Sharon Ugalde, Department of Modern Languages

    Second Readers: Dr. Graeme Wend-Walker, Department of English and Dr. Richard Warms, Department of Anthropology

  • Title: The Bidirectional Influence of Social Media and Adolescent Development of Self-Regulation and Executive Functioning

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Illysa Foster, Department of Psychology

  • Title: As the Water Gets Too High: Texas and the Fight Against Sea Level Rise

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Cindy Royal, School of Journalism and Mass Communication

  • Title: “Narco-Deforestation”: Spatial Activity of the Illicit Drug Trade and Environmental Degradation in Guatemala

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Jennifer Devine, Department of Geography

  • Title: A Tale of Two Tunnels: Exploring the Design and Cultural Difference Between the Houston Tunnel System and RESO (Underground City, Montreal)

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Eric Sarmiento, Department of Geography

  • Title: Selling the Television War by Using Social Identity Theory in Vietnam War Movies

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Hyun Jung Yun, Department of Political Science

  • Title: Encompassment: Dance Ethnography Through Live Performance

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Michelle Nance, Department of Theater and Dance

    Second Reader: Prof. Scott Vandenberg, Department of Theater and Dance

  • Title: To Affinity and Beyond: A Qualitative Exploration of Fandom Learning, Empathy, and Reactionary Fandom Culture

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Rachel Romero, Department of Sociology

    Second Reader: Dr. Graeme Wend-Walker, Department of English

  • Title: Parallel and Nonparallel Patterns of Genetic Co-Differentiation: Evidence for Host Associated Differentiation among Trophic Levels of the Oak Gall-Wasp System

    Supervising Professor: Dr. James Ott, Department of Biology

    Second Reader: Dr. Chris Nice, Department of Biology

Thursday, April 25 - LBJSC 3-5.1

Oral Presentations

  • Title: The Jefferson Junior High Runners’ Club

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Sean Rose, Department of English

  • Title: Pump Up the Agency: DIVA TV and the Collective “Party” against AIDS

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Gina Tarver, School of Art and Design

  • Title: Designing for Emotions: Addressing Employee Emotional Labor Through Service Design

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Linda Alkire, Department of Marketing

  • Title: LinkedIn Or LinkedOut: How Building Social Media Influence Amplifies the Savvy Recruiter

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Linda Alkire, Department of Marketing

  • Title: Glengarriff Forest: An Interactive Creative Work

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Anne Winchell, Department of English

  • Title: Speeches from the Converged Territories: Mechanical Translations Across Language-Time

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Thomas F. X. Varacalli, Department of Political Science

  • Title: For Madmen Only? The Authentic Memoir’s Destabilization of Identity

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Theresa Rene' LeBlanc, Department of English

  • Title: Who’s to Say: How Partisan Politics Shape Our Beliefs

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Azucena Mayberry, Department of Psychology

  • Title: Tango Mulatto: The Untold Afro-Argentine History of Tango, 1800s-1900s

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Carlos Abreu Mendoza, Department of Modern Languages

  • Title: Student Hormonal Responses in Two Learning Environments

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Kristy L. Daniel, Department of Biology

    Second Reader: Dr. Mar Huertas, Department of Biology


  • Title: Total Minor Polynomials of Oriented Hypergraphs

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Lucas Rusnak, Department of Mathematics

  • Title: Catholicism & Animal Ethics

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Joseph Laycock, Department of Philosophy

    Second Reader: Dr. Bob Fischer, Department of Philosophy

  • Title: Two Years and Counting: The Qatari Gulf Crisis

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, Department of History

  • Title: An Enchanted Fan Fiction: Swift Meets Millhauser

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Cecily Parks, Department of English

  • Title: A Witch's Guide to Starting Fires

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Anne Winchell, Department English

  • Title: A Literature Review of Manual Therapies for the Management of Low Back Pain and a Study Proposal of the Comparison of Massage, Trigger Point and Traction Therapies in the Reduction of Low Back Pain

    Supervising Professor: Prof. Megan Haynes, Department of Health & Human Performance

    Second Reader Prof. Andi Green, Department of Health & Human Performance

  • Title: A Coming of Age: Exploring Themes of Adolescent Identity Through Autoethnography

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Rachel Romero, Department of Sociology

  • Title: Student Attitudes Towards Offender Reintegration

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Donna Vandiver, School of Criminal Justice

  • Title: The Real Value of Investing in Early Childhood Intervention in Texas

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Ellen Duchaine, Department of Curriculum & Instruction

  • Title: Media, Party, and Voter Manipulation of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Hyun Jung Yun, Department of Political Science

    Second Reader: Dr. Louie Dean Valencia-García, Department of History

  • Title: Disposable Simulacra: The Search for Authenticity Through the Analogue Viewfinder of the Digital Age

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Louie Dean Valencia- García, Department of History

  • Title: A Shift in Advertising: Small Business Advertising

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Karen Smith, Department of Marketing

Friday, April 26 - LBJSC 3-5.1.

Oral Presentations

  • Title: The Effectiveness of Renewable Energy Policies in The United States: The Impact of Renewables Incentives on Capacity Deployment, Electricity Prices and Local Economic Development

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Janet Hale, Department of Finance & Economics

    Second Reader: Dr. Andrew Ojede, Department of Finance & Economics

  • Title: The Relation between Language Learner Motivation and Language-Related Learner Attitudes     

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Peter Golato, Department of Modern Languages

  • Title: It’s the Little Things, Not Shiny Rings: The Importance and Power of Love in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Robert T. Tally, Department of Finance and Economics

  • Title: Magnetic Capture Hybridization of Amphibian Mitochondrial Genomes

    Supervising Professor: Dr. David Rodriguez, Department of Biology

  • Title: Perceptions of Dementia Across Students in Health Professions Programs at Texas State University

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Ranjini Mohan, Department of Communication Disorders

    Second Reader: Prof. Keri Fitzgerald, Department of English

  • Title: Revisiting the Value Chain: An Examination of Customer-as-Provider Co-creating Value in High-Tech Companies

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Corey Fox, Department of Management

  • Title: How to Incorporate Accessibility into Theme Parks

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Floyd Quinn, Department of Management

    Second Reader: Prof. Daniel Guerrero, Department of Management

  • Title: Prevalence and Characterization of Staphylococcus species, Including MRSA, in the Home Environment

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Rodney Rohde, Clinical Laboratory Science

  • Title: The Lived Experience Prior To And Following Sport-Related Concussions Sustained in High School Athletics

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Missy Fraser, Department of Health & Human Performance

    Second Reader: Dr. Mary Odum, Department of Health & Human Performance

  • Title: Depression, Alcohol Consumption, and Social Support in College Student Veterans

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Reiko Graham, Department of Psychology

  • Title: Ren as a Guideline for Solving Medical Ethics Violations in S.E.R.E (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape Training)

    Supervising Professor: Dr. Lijun Yuan, Department of Philosophy

Friday, April 26 - LBJSC Ballroom.

Poster Presentations

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