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Request a Room Reservation

Honors College Study Rooms

The Honors College supports TXST students with meetings space and study rooms, as available. TXST students may request to use rooms in the Honors College under the following conditions:

  1. Must show proof of a TXST ID card to request a room on a walk-in basis
  2. Must have an active TXST email address in order to reserve a room in advance

Walk-in room requests are welcome on a daily basis. If you would like to access a room, please stop by the Honors front desk in LAMP 407, where one of our undergraduate student coordinators will be on hand to provide the necessary assistance. Be prepared to provide proof of your TXST ID and A0# for walk-in requests.

The Honors College also accepts room reservations in advance. Reservations are subject to space availability during normal operating hours. Reservations for LAMP 500 and LAMP 501 by student organizations are accepted via email to the Honors College: All other Reservations can be made through the "REQUEST" button above and can be submitted up to 24 hours out from the chosen booking time.

Our rooms can be booked for 50 minutes at a time. Students are welcome to make multiple consecutive reservations for a single room, but may only book up to 3 hours per day in the same room.

Please note that TXST students are expected to abide by all Honors College policies while using our rooms. Cleaning supplies, including disinfectant, are provided in each room and are replenished daily. It is the the student user's job to wipe down surfaces before leaving their study room for the day. Technology instructions are posted in the rooms that provide access to computers and projectors.

Available Study Rooms

LAMP 302

Capacity: 6

Tech Access: Projector, no computer

Lampasas Hall 302

LAMP 402

Capacity: 2

Tech Access: N/A

Lampasas Hall 402

LAMP 409

Capacity: 2

Tech Access: Mac

Lampasas Hall 409

LAMP 401

Capacity: 2

Tech Access: Mac

Lampasas Hall 401

LAMP 500

Capacity: 10

Tech Access: N/A

Lampasas Hall 500

LAMP 501

Capacity: 20

Tech Access: Mac & Projectors