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Meet The Professor

Meet the Professor

Monday, October 4, 2021

4:30p - 6:30p Grand Ballroom, LBJSC

Meet the Prof event, with students and faculty in Ballroom.


Why should you attend?

The MTP event is absolutely the best opportunity for you to register for Honors courses. The Honors College engages in a course lottery process every fall and spring semester, which allows students to request the top three courses of their choice for registration in the following term.


Pre-Event Instructions:

  • Students who are unable to attend the event because of course conflicts should contact directly by noon on Monday, October 4.

Course Lottery Guidelines:

  • Classes with more than 20 requests go to lottery drawings.
    • Everyone who submits a course request slip will be notified of their status via TXST email address within two weeks after event. Notifications will be sent out before registration for planning purposes.
    • One course section request per student allowed (ie. submitting multiple requests for one section will not increase your chances of winning).
    • Students on probation with the Honors College are not eligible to win lottery.
  • This year a completed Tic-Tac-Toe card will be used as the raffle entry for a chance at a guaranteed spot in class. Please come to the event for details.
  • Come prepared to interact with professors and fellow students.


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