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Support the Honors College

We are thankful for all donations both large and small.  If you wish to donate, instructions are below. If you have questions or difficulty,  please contact us at or 512.245.2266.

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  • The Honors College would not be where it is today without the generous contributions of alum and other supporters. A gift from the Roy F. and Joann Cole Mitte Foundation of Austin created an endowment. In recognition of this contribution, our name changed to the Mitte Honors Program spring 2004 through spring 2008. Since then numerous scholarships and funds have been created to offer support to honors students. The Stephen R. Gregg and Merry Kone Fitzpatrick scholarships serve as excellent examples of how generous contributions have translated into financial resources for Honors students.

  • Your contribution, regardless of the size, can greatly assist the Honors College. Funding can go to helping Honors students receive scholarships or cover their travel expenses for research or conference presentations. It can also help us with our day to day operations including providing supplies to Honors hosted events.

Donation Instructions

After clicking on DONATE  (here or the gold button ) you are taken immediately to a page on which you enter your first gift. To give to the Honors College, follow these steps: