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Honors Courses

Types of Courses

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  • Traditional Honors courses are courses taught within the Honors College that may count towards a student's degree plan. For more information about current offerings, please visit our searchable Honors College course catalog.

  • Departmental Honors courses are Honors sections of courses that are housed in other departments. They follow the same curriculum requirements as their host department and are listed under their original department (not Honors) when you search for them on Cats Web. They are similar to traditional Honors courses in that they have about 20 Honors students. These departmental Honors courses still count toward requirements for graduating in the the Honors College. Use our searchable Honors College course catalog to find departmental Honors courses in your major or topic area.

  • Study Abroad Honors courses are offered through certain programs in Study Abroad at Texas State University. For more information, please visit our Honors in Study Abroad page.

  • Student-designed Honors courses include Honors Contract courses and Independent Study. Contract courses allow you to make a 3-4000 level non-honors course count for honors credit. Independent Study courses allows you to turn your research idea into credit towards graduating in the Honors College. These are particularly useful to students who have a strict degree plan or who want to study topics not currently offered at the university. For more information and details, please visit our Student-designed Courses page.