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Honors Student Retention Policies

Grades are reviewed and probation/dismissal notification are sent at the start of each long semester (fall, spring). Students wishing to provide additional information in response to a dismissal letter may do so via the dismissal form.

Honors College students are expected to maintain a 3.25 or better GPA. Students are in good standing if either their Texas State or overall GPA is above a 3.25. After each fall and spring semester, the Honors College will conduct a grade audit and enact the following:


Students will be placed on honors (not academic) probation if their Texas State and overall GPA are less than 3.25 but greater than 2.00. This probationary status will go into effect the current semester of enrollment.



If a student’s GPA falls below a 2.00 GPA (both Texas State and overall), the student may be dismissed immediately from the Honors College. 
If a student’s GPA remains below a 3.25 (both Texas State and overall) after serving on probation for one semester, the student may be dismissed from the Honors College. 
All students subject to dismissal will be given an opportunity to provide more information. The decision to dismiss will be based on the student’s participation in Honors courses, entire academic history, and the student’s response.  

What does being on Honors Probation mean?

You are still a member of the Honors College.

You are still eligible to take an unlimited number of Honors courses without special approval.

You may still participate in Honors events, programs, and activities.

You will not be eligible to win a lottery drawing for your first choice of Honors classes during Meet the Professor Night.

You will still receive important updates and information through the Honors Distribution List.


What does Honors Dismissal mean?

You are no longer a member of the Honors College unless you reapply once GPA has improved.

You may not enroll in Honors courses unless granted special approval, on a case by case basis.

You will be removed from the Honors Distribution List and no longer receive updates or information regarding Honors events and activities.

You should submit a dismissal response and/or contact the Honors Advisor, Michelle Sotolongo, if you wish to remain active in the Honors College.