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About Us

Since 1967, Honors has provided a community for students from all majors who are looking for a challenge. Students who join the Honors College take small seminar-style classes where they discuss ideas and raise questions stimulated by readings, field trips, and presentations. Faculty members, regardless of their department, view their honors courses as laboratories to experiment with research and teaching. We at the Honors College encourage this perspective from our faculty members as it aligns with ours aims of promoting interdisciplinary inquiry, curiosity, creativity and a lifelong love of learning.


The Honors College is located in the historic Lampasas Hall, next to Old Main. Built in 1912 as the manual arts building, Lampasas Hall formerly housed the Department of Art and Design.

The space the Honors College occupies in Lampasas includes classrooms, a computer lab, offices, the Multicultural Lounge and Black Students' Resource Library, Honors Hammock Haven, recycling center, and the Honors Coffee Forum. The Honors Coffee Forum houses the Gallery of the Common Experience, which is a changing art exhibit.