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Honors Virtual Coffee Forum

The Honors College’s Virtual Coffee Forum welcomes all incoming, current, and former Honors students. Sadly, COVID-19 has closed our physical Coffee Forum in the Gallery of Common Experience. The Honors Virtual Coffee Forum (VCF) is our solution to curating the Honors College community that we all love in these virtual times. The VCF is hosted through Discord, a platform devoted to connecting users through talk, text, and video. The VCF is a great way to connect with other Honors students. The channel is entirely student-run and monitored by the Honors undergraduate student workers. It’s a place to share stories, memes, creativity, world events, and much more. The channel is a great place to keep up with information about upcoming Honors events such as our virtual Mood Boosting Mixers for incoming freshmen and weekly movie nights via Netflix Party. You can even connect with our growing Minecraft community, currently playing on the Honors Minecraft Server!


Click here to join the Discord!

Study Session Series

Virtual Coffee Forum Study Sessions

Every Wednesday, starting January 27, at 9:00p CST in the Virtual Coffee Forum

Honors College Student Coordinator, David Ritch, will host the Series on the VCF Study Session voice channel. We'll be listening to chill music, so pop in to brainstorm about your coursework, meet new friends, and help get yourself into the studying habit this spring!