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Honor Code Council

The Honor Code Council is responsible for reviewing appeals of allegations of academic dishonesty and determining if a violation of the Honor Code has occurred and the validity of any sanctions therein.

Student Members

Student members are appointed annually by Student Government, receive training about Honor Code Council procedures, and sign a confidentiality oath.

Faculty Members

The Texas State Faculty Senate appoints faculty members to three-year terms.  Every college within the university is represented by at least one faculty member. Faculty members receive training about Honor Code Council procedures and sign a confidentiality oath.

Council Chair

The Honor Code Council Chair is available to consult with faculty, teaching assistants and students on academic integrity issues including:

  • Preventing cheating
  • Enhancing academic integrity in the classroom
  • Talking about academic integrity in course syllabi
  • Handling accusations of academic misconduct for students
  • Reporting academic misconduct-related issues