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Honor Code Review Form Instructions

This is a chronological checklist to assist faculty members who suspect that a student has violated the Honor Code Policy. The list reflects specific actions described in the Honor Code policy statement (UPPS No. 07.10.01, Section 03.01). The faculty member may consult with his or her department chair or school director to determine an appropriate academic penalty (or additional disciplinary penalty).

In compliance with the Honor Code (UPPS No. 07.10.01), the faculty member will:

1. Complete the top half of the Honor Code Review Form (you may attach additional pages as needed).

2. Summon the student orally or in writing to a meeting. Arrange other communications for exceptional circumstances.

3. Meet with the student regarding both the suspected Honor Code violation and the evidence that supports the suspicion the violation occurred.

4. Provide the student with copies of the Honor Code Review Form and any written documents or statements that serve as evidence for the Honor Code violation.

5. Give the student three business days to respond to the suspected Honor Code violation in writing or in person as determined by the student. The faculty member should proceed even if the student fails to respond within the allotted time.

6. Determine whether the student violated the Honor Code after considering the evidence and student response.

7. Notify the student of the determination and of the academic penalty.

8. Advise the student that he or she may accept or reject either the faculty member’s decision or academic penalty and appeal their case to the Honor Code Council.

9. Forward the Honor Code Review Form and evidence to the chair of the Honor Code Council (, if:

  1. the student accepts the determination and penalty, signs the Acceptance of Administrative Disposition section on the review form, thus ending the matter.
  2. the student rejects the faculty member’s determination, and/or penalty signs the Non-Acceptance of Administrative Disposition section of the review form and appeals their case to the Honor Code Council.
  3. the student fails to respond after steps 2 or 7.

10. The Honor Code Council chair will make every effort to set the hearing within 10 business days. The chair will give the student and faculty member at least five business days’ notice of the reported code violation, make available the evidence, and provide the date, time and place of the hearing.