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Closed Class Request From

Closed Class Request for History Undergraduate Courses Only

Please read carefully before submitting.

Please note the following conditions regarding a request to the History Department for admission into a History class that is already full.

  • We will not accept override requests over the telephone. You must submit your request online.
  • No overrides will be granted until general late registration opens.
  • We do not grant overrides due to conflicts in employment schedules or “for convenience.”
  • Filling out the form incorrectly will delay processing. Please check CatsWeb for the most up to date schedule of classes. Do not call the office to check on the status of your request; you will be notified.
  • Approval for a closed class does not constitute automatic enrollment. You must self register through CatsWeb.

FULL DUE TO SEATING CAPACITY: If course enrollment has reached room seating capacity, an appeal/override cannot be approved due to fire safety regulations. Please keep checking the enrollment on CatsWeb for openings.

Note: We can only review/approve overrides for courses taught within the History Department (HIST). For all other courses, you will need to contact the appropriate department.

Have you spoken with an Advisor concerning your graduation and/or schedule? *
Type of Override (Choose one.) *

*All fields must be completed before submitting this form.  You will be contacted with our final decision.