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José Carlos de la Puente

Dr. De la PuenteAssociate Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
Office:  TMH 215
Phone:  512.245.2240

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I am a scholar of native Andean peoples and the Spanish empire. The bulk of my work is devoted to understanding the formation of colonial indigenous legal, political, and literate cultures. My scholarship has made interventions in several interrelated fields, including native accounting technologies, the colonial Inka nobility, indigenous intellectuals and intermediaries, and colonial systems of land tenure and territorial representation. My current book-length project reexamines the history of the Andean colonial commoning and uncommoning practices through the lenses of land and tenure. Andean Cosmopolitans, my latest book, reconstructs the world of native litigants and favor seekers at the royal court of the Spanish Habsburgs. My earlier monograph, Los curacas hechiceros de Jauja, centers on witchcraft accusations launched by indigenous lords against their political rivals in late-seventeenth-century Peru.

Recent Publications

Courses Taught

HIST 2311 World History to 1500
HIST 2312 World History since 1500
HIST 3322 Colonial Latin America to 1828
HIST 3324 Latin America from Independence to Present
HIST 5324D Writing the History of Latin America: The Colonial Era
HIST 5324B African and Native Experiences under Spanish Colonial Rule
HIST 5324C Slavery and Emancipation in the Americas