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Around the Courtyard

“Around the Courtyard” provides news of history faculty and students. In addition to publications and presentations, it also includes information about the community that makes up the history department.

Fall 2020

Congratulations to Kierah Shirk, 2019-2020 President of the Model Arab League.

Kierah's research poster "Comparing the Principles of Eastern and Western Feminism: Literature of Fatema Mernissi and Audre Lorde," is scheduled as part of the panel "Women’s Agency in Music and Literature" today, at the annual meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (attached).

More information on Kierah and her project can be found on the Department of World Languages website. 

Southwest Airlines awards Westlake teacher and History Department Alumna, Cathy Cluck, for her history road trip.  Cluck took her history class "on the road" in the spring with a 1,500-mile American history road trip to famous historic sites.  You can read more about Cathy and her teaching adventure in the Austin Statesman.

Congratulations to Dr. Justin Randolph, who has won the Southern Historical Association’s 2020 C. Vann Woodward Prize for his dissertation, “Civil Rights Arrested: Black Freedom Movements and Mass Incarceration in Rural Mississippi, 1938 to 1980.”

Dr. Dwight Watson will appear as part of a screening and discussion of the 2020 film, The 24th, by Kevin Willmott and Trai Byers, which “tells the incredibly powerful and timely true story of the all-black Twenty-Fourth United States Infantry Regiment and the Houston Riot of 1917.” The event will take place on October 8, 2020, 7:00pm - 9:30pm, Screening at 7:00pm | Q&A at 9:00pm. You can buy tickets at the link above.

Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Bishop, whose article, “Dying to Survive: Construction Workers in French Algeria (1950-1960),” has been published in Oussour al-Jadida vol. 10, issue 3 (September 2020), which is edited by faculty at the Algeria History Lab at the Faculty of Humanities and Islamic Sciences, of Université Oran 1 Ahmed Ben Bella.

Congratulations to Dr. José Carlos de la Puente, who has been appointed to the Institute of Andean Studies’ Blue Ribbon Commission, “Engaging Africans and their Descendants in Andean Studies.” This is an opportunity for Dr. de la Puente to aid in addressing systemic racism in his field of historical inquiry.

Congratulations to Dr. Louie Dean Valencia-García on his latest publication, “How the El Paso Terrorist’s Manifesto Echoes Trump’s Rhetoric,” in the edited volume Mainstreaming the Global Radical Right (Ibidem-Verlag Press/Columbia University Press).

Congratulations to Dr. John McKiernan-Gonzalez, who has been busy reaching wide audiences. Please see the links below to his media appearances on KXAN and USA Today, as well as a dialogue with the Mexican American Civil Rights Initiative.

KXAN just had him provide commentary and context on a new Hays County Landmark. 

The Mexican American Civil Rights Initiative featured a conversation with John, Dean Rogelio Saenz, and Professor Norma Martinez Rogers. 

USA Today featured some commentary on structural racism and public health, mostly on the first national epidemiological survey of COVID 19 and Latinos.

Congratulations to Texas State Alumni!

Three undergraduate students, Hannah Thompson, Ileane Marquez, and Kendall Allento, presented independent research findings at the Florida Conference of Historians (FCH) Annual Meeting in Lake City, Florida, 27-29 February 2020.

The paper of Kendall Allen (TXST ’20), “‘For Their Greatest Good’: Education as a Diplomatic Tool in Negotiations with Native Peoples,” has been selected as the winner of the J. Calvitt Clarke III Award for best undergraduate paper presented at the Lake City meeting, and will be published in volume 28 of FCH Annals: Journal of the Florida Conference of Historians, a peer-reviewed scholarly publication. Kendall was a double major in History and Political Science. She is a 9th-Grade World Geography teacher in Mathis, Texas. Her students love her, and she is already making a real difference in their lives.

The paper of Ileane Marquez (TXST ’20), “The Right to Intervene: European Non-Interference and U.S. Aggression in Latin America,” was also selected for publication the FCH Annals journal. Ileane was a history major and has just begun her graduate studies in the Legal Studies Program.

Congratulations to Ana Romo, whose book, Brazil’s Living Museum, has been released in Portuguese translation in Brazil!

Congratulations to Dr. Jason Mellard, who was featured in an audio documentary that aired last Saturday on KUTX marking the 50th anniversary of the Austin venue the Armadillo World Headquarters.

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  • Congratulations to John McKiernan-Gonzalez on the publication of his essay, “Concrete disavowal: Re-placing Colombian communities into the New York landscape before World War II,” in Latino Studies.

    Congratulations to our outstanding History Department faculty for winning various awards from the College of Liberal Arts:

    • Dr. Shannon Duffy has been awarded the Golden Apple Award for Service
    • Dr. Jeff Helgeson won an award for outstanding teaching
    • Dr. Nancy Berlage won an award for outstanding service
    • Dr. José Carlos de la Puente won an award for outstanding scholarship

    Dr. José Carlos de la Puente and colleagues from Cambridge and the Lima Art Museum, have been hard at work developing a new platform for the publication of reviews, debates, and opinion pieces about Peruvian history, art, and culture.  The project is still ongoing, but the portal is now live and can be found on

    Congratulations to Dr. Shannon Duffy who was recently interviewed on Lunch & Learn with Gleaves.  Dr. Duffy and Gleaves discuss the diversity of our founders, and the conflicts that arose because of that diversity.  The video can be found under the June 30, 2020 heading. 

    Congratulations to Dr. Sara Damiano who has won the College of Liberal Arts golden apple award for teaching and to Dr. Louie Valencia who has won the golden apple for scholarly activity. Well-deserved awards for both!

    Congratulations to Dr. Leah Renold on the publication of her chapter, "Nationalist Education: The Case of Banaras Hindu University and Malaviya," in the Handbook of Education Systems in South Asia, Padma M. Sarangapani and Rekha Pappu, eds., published by Springer.  

    The volume is part of Springer's Global Education Systems book series. It is now available digitally and will be available in book format in February 2021.

    Congratulations to Dr. Valencia who was recently interviewed on NPR’s Weekend Edition about the removal of Spanish conquistador statues.

    Congratulations to Ken Karrer, who supervises student teachers on behalf of our department, for winning the Faculty Senate Part-Time Excellence in Teaching Award!

    Many of you do not know Ken, but he brings years of experience in public education to our student teacher program. For the last three years he, along with full-time colleague Dr. Lara Newcomer, has helped to make sure that our students who go into social studies education are well-prepared to go out and teach when they graduate. It is an important job, and the award is well-deserved.

    Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson who has a chapter in a recently published edited collection:

    “Natural Rights: Haitian-American Diplomacy in the Age of Atlantic Revolutions,” in A Companion to U.S. Foreign Policy, Colonial Era to the Present, ed. Christopher Dietrich (Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley-Blackwell, 2020), I, 93-112.

    Congratulations to Dr. Shannon Duffy!  McGraw-Hill is re-publishing an excerpt from a digital encyclopedia article she wrote on “Press Attacks” on the Washington presidency in a US History textbook.

    Congratulations to Dr. Louie Valencia who was recently interviewed with the Tech against Terrorism podcast.

    Tech Against Terrorism is an initiative launched and supported by the United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate working with the global tech industry to tackle terrorist use of the internet whilst respecting human rights.

    Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Helgeson who has been accepted to the Texas Academic Leadership Academy (TALA), which represents state university systems across Texas. He was one of only 3-5 fellows chosen and nominated by the Provost to participate in the one-year program from Texas State. The academy includes:

    • Three face-to-face 3-day conferences held in different locations across the state
    • Professional development webinars
    • Virtual coaching groups
    • Mentoring
    • Leadership plan development
    • Case study discussions
    • Extensive networking opportunities

    This is a great opportunity for Jeff as an incoming chair, and I am sure it will benefit the department at large.

    Thanks to Jeff for putting in this extra work on everyone’s behalf, and congratulations on both the nomination and the acceptance.

    Congratulations to Bryan Glass, who has been awarded the department’s Swinney Leave for the Spring 2021 semester.

    Congratulations to Peter Dedek who has been approved by the Provost's Office for a promotion to full professor!

    Congratulations to Louie Valencia who was selected for an ACLS Project Development Grant for his project Ravaged and Ravished Bodies: Activism, Socialized Health Care, Research, and the HIV/AIDS Crisis in Europe. These awards support faculty at teaching-intensive colleges and universities with promising research agendas and are offered to select applicants for ACLS Fellowships.

    Congratulations to Louie Valencia! His edited volume, Far-Right Revisionism and the End of History: Alt/Histories, has been published as part of the Routledge Approaches to History Series.

    Congratulations to History major, Wesley Moore, who has been selected as Outstanding Undergraduate Student in the College of Liberal Arts for 2019-2020!

    Congratulations to Dan Utley who has another edited a book out, SAC Time: A Navigator in the Strategic Air Command, an oral history with Thomas E. Alexander that has been published by Texas A&M University Press.

    Congratulations to the following History faculty who are Liberal Arts nominees for Presidential Awards for Excellence:

    Sarah Damiano | for Teaching
    Shannon Duffy | for Service
    Louie Valencia | for Scholarly/Creative Activity

    Congratulations to Ellen Tillman, who will be one of the college nominees for the Muir Mentoring Award.

  • Congratulations to Drs. Carrie Ritter and Casey Nochols who won REP awards for 2020-2021!

    Congratulations to Distinguished Professor Emeritus Victoria Bynum on the publication of her essay “Disordered Households: Reconstruction, Klan Terror, and the Law,” which has come out in a publication by UGA Press entitled Household War: How Americans Lived and Fought the Civil War, edited by Lisa Tendrich Frank and Leann Whites!

    Congratulations to the Center for Texas Music History and its publishing partner, Texas A&M University Press. Their John & Robin Dickson Series biography of Guy Clark (authored by Tamara Saviano) has been selected by Publisher's Weekly for its "10 Essential Music Biographies" list!

    Congratulations to Dr. Ron Johnson who has a new publication out:

    “Enslaved by History: Slavery’s Enduring Influence on the Memory of Pierre Toussaint,” in Traces and Memories of Slavery in the Atlantic World, edited by Lawrence Aje and Nicolas Gachon. The book is part of the Routledge Studies in the History of the Americas series.

    Congratulations to Dr. James McWilliams for his recent publication "John Kennedy Toole @50" on

    Congratulations to Public History student, Jason Rivas, who was recently featured in the Texas Historical Commission Blog.

    Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Makowski’s whose new book, Apostate Nuns in the Later Middle Ages (Boydell Press, 2019) is now available. 

    Congratulations to Dr. Louie Valencia who has been busy. Below are some of his accomplishments of the summer:

    • A chapter titled “An Impulsive Teen from the Future: Imaging Youth, Virtual Reality and the Digital Future at the Turn of the Millennium” in the edited volume The Ages of the Flash: Essays on the Fastest Man Alive (McFarland and Co.)
    • A piece published by Open Democracy.
    • Named founding Co-Chair of “Critical European Studies Research Network,” which “fosters the emergence of an interdisciplinary community of scholars who examine education cultures, systems, and practices in European Studies—engaging with issues of equality and justice in learning environments.” This project receives funding from the European Commission.
    • Quoted in an article for Yahoo News.
    • Quoted in this story from Vice News.

    Congratulations to Dr. John Mckiernan-González!  An edited collection he published in – Keywords in Latina/o Studies – just received the Choice award of being an “outstanding academic title 2018,” according to NYU press and Choice.

    Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson whose article “‘A Very Curious Game’: The Racialized Public Diplomacy of Toussaint Louverture in the United States” was published in June’s special edition of the Journal of Caribbean History commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Association of Caribbean Historians.

    Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson who has been elected to a three-year term on the Society of the Historians of the Early American Republic Advisory Council!

    A big congratulations to Dr. J.C. de la Puente on his new article in Ethnohistory: Calendars in Knotted Cords: New Evidence on How Khipus Captured Time in Nineteenth-Century Cuzco and Beyond

    The History Department is happy to announce that Drs. Debra Law and Josh Paddison (who have both taught for us for 3-plus years) are now designated as senior lecturers and are permanent members of the department’s faculty!  Dr. Allison Robinson, who is moving into her second year with us, has also been approved as a permanent lecturer. We are lucky to have such accomplished lecturers in our department – all of them – and the addition these three talented educators as permanent faculty only make our program stronger.

    Congratulations to Shannon Duffy who will serve as a Faculty Senate Fellow in 2019-2020! As fellow, Shannon will be looking into academic freedom issues for non-tenure line faculty.

    Congratulations to Jeff Helgeson whose essay “Thoughts on a Critical Regional History of the Midwest: Examining the Legacies of the Dream of a White Yeoman’s Republic,” was just published in a symposium on Midwestern History the Middle West Review 5:2 (Spring 2019).

  • Spring 2019

    Our former MA grad Alex La Rotta, who is receiving his doctorate from UH in May, 2019, has accepted a two-year post-doc with the Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race at Columbia University. He will be teaching courses in Latinx history and popular music and race while completing his book manuscript on San Antonio's West Side Sound.

    Announcing Dr. Louie Dean Valencia's latest publication, a chapter titled “Is He a Fascist?”, in the edited volume, Tracking the Rise of the Radical Right Globally, published in Europe by Ibidem-Verlag, and Columbia University Press in the US.

    Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Angelo Johnson who has been chosen to be the Texas State University Presidential Fellow for the 2019-2020 year. As fellow, Dr. Johnson will be part of the President’s Cabinet and will be working on a project that emphasizes recruiting, retaining, and graduating male students at Texas State.

    Dr. Trauth said of his appointment: “As we look at the demographics of Texas, and the composition of the student body at Texas State, we are compelled to conclude that work urgently needs to be done to attract and graduate more males of all ethnicities, but particularly males of color.” She expressed confidence in Dr. Johnson's ability to take the lead in developing a process to address this “multilayered” challenge.

    Congratulations to Dr. Jessica Pliley who recently had an article published in Federal History.

    Congratulations to Dr. Shannon Duffy for a successful talk given on April 23, 2019: "'The Guardian of every other Right': The First Amendment and the Right of Freedom of Speech.”

    Congratulations to Madelyn Patlan who received the Honors College Mary Lou Bishop Staff Advisor of the Year Award!

    Congratulations to Paul Hart who was asked to headline at the Emiliano Zapata Commemoration events at University of Arkansas and in Cuernavaca, Mexico

    Congratulations to Paul Hart who has won the 2019 Harvey L. Johnson Book Award, given out by the Southwest Council of Latin American Studies (SCOLAS)! The award is for his book, Emiliano Zapata: Mexico’s Social Revolutionary.  

    This year’s award was presented to Dr. Hart at the annual SCOLAS conference, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico, on March 22, 2019.

    Congratulations to Dr. Louie Valencia who was named one of the Alpha Chi honors society favorite professors for Spring 2019. Nominating students have to have attained at least 60 credit hours, and have a GPA of 3.50. Louie  will be recognized at the Alpha Chi induction ceremony in this Friday, 12 April at 6 pm.

    Congratulations to Dr. Carrie Ritter who recently did a long interview about British politics and Brexit for a Boston radio station.  You can listen to the interview on Boston's 98.5 Radio

    Congratulations to Dr. Jose Carlos de la Puente whose book won the Flora Tristán Book Prize, awarded by the Latin American Studies Association (LASA)! The prize is given to "the best book, on any topic, that contributes significantly to the advancement of knowledge about Peru," published in English or Spanish the previous year.

    Congratulations to Dr. Paul Hart whose essay, “Emiliano Zapata and Revolutionary Mexico, 1910-1919,” was published in The Oxford Encyclopedia of Mexican History and Culture.

    Congratulations to Dr. Joshua Paddison whose essay, "The Mystery of Everything Out There: Bigfoot and Religion in the 21st Century," was published in The Paranormal and Popular Culture: A Postmodern Religious Landscape, ed. Darryl Caterine and John W. Morehead (New York: Routledge, 2019).

    Congratulations to Dr. Ron Johnson who has been accepted for an NEH-funded  Migration, Mobility, and Sustainability: Caribbean Studies and Digital Humanities Institute. The Institute’s overarching goals are that participants will learn and adapt Digital History tools and practices to meet their own needs for their students and for teaching and inclusion in a community of practice for Digital History pedagogy. All events will be held at the University of Florida (UF), in Gainesville, Florida, May 20-24, 2019.

    Texas State Model Arab League Chapter Competes At Nationals

    The Model Arab League Chapter at Texas State University competed in the National University Model Arab League (NUMAL) competition April 4-7, winning awards and one member being chosen for a chair position.
    Representing Comoros, Texas State delegates participated in debates, discussions and wrote resolutions on economic, political and social affairs as well as on joint defense, women and children’s rights, and Palestinian affairs.
    Following two full days of hard work, Texas State students were given the following awards:

    • Social Media Award given to Devin Barrett for his online engagement during the competition
    • Distinguished Delegates for the representation of Comoros on the Joint Defense Council
    • Distinguished Delegates for the representation of Comoros on the Council of Social Affairs

    Chapter member Brittlin Richardson was also selected to serve as the chair for the Political Affairs Council at NUMAL next year.

    The Model Arab League chapter at Texas State is an all-inclusive organization where students learn about the politics and history of the Arab world through the arts of diplomacy and public speech.

    Texas State MAL At Nationals

    Congratulations to Dr. Louie Dean Valencia on the publication of : “Reinventing a Carnivalesque Public Sphere: (Re)imagining and (Re)drawing Madrid in the Long 1970s” in “I’m just a Comic Book Boy”: Essays on the Intersection of Comics and Punk, edited by Christopher B. Field, Keegan Lannon, Michael David MacBride and Christopher C. Douglas. It is published with McFarland and Company, and is available now digitally (and in print on April 2nd.)

    The Model Arab League Chapter at Texas State University competed in the Bilateral Chamber Regional MAL Feb. 16 -17, winning seven awards including Outstanding Delegation.

    Representing Comoros and Bahrain, Texas State delegates participated in debates, discussions and wrote resolutions on economic, political and social affairs as well as on joint defense, and women and children’s rights.
    Following nine and half hours of hard work, Texas State students were given the following awards:

    • Distinguished Delegates for the representation of Comoros on the Special Council for Women and Children
    • Outstanding Delegates for the representation of Bahrain on the Special Council for Women and Children
    • Outstanding Delegates for the representation of Comoros on the Joint Defense Council
    • Distinguished Delegates for the representation of Comoros on the Council of Political Affairs
    • Distinguished Delegates for the representation of Comoros on the Council of Social Affairs
    • Overall Outstanding Delegation for the representation of Comoros
    • Best Social Media Engagement

    MAL Bilateral Awards Spring 2019

    The Model Arab League chapter will be traveling to Washington D.C. April 4-7 to compete in the National University Model Arab League competition.

    A big congratulations to Dr. Jose Carlos de la Puente who has been appointed as a research fellow for 2019-2020 at the Institute for Historical Studies at the University of Texas! As a fellow he will participate in the Institute’s programs on the year’s theme of Collectives and Commons: Global Histories, Emerging Futures

    Congratulations to Dr. Louie Valencia who has been named the Honors College Faculty-in-Residence, starting in July. In the position he will be organizing programming for Honors students and mentoring students who are interested in both research and graduate school. This is a great position for Louie who has a long history with the Honors college.

    Congratulations to Jessica Pliley on the publication of the following essay:

    “Archival Trouble: Researching the History of Sex Trafficking,” in Researching Forced Labour in the Global Economy: Methodological Challenges and Advances, ed. Genevieve LeBaron, Proceedings of the British Academy (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019).

  • Fall 2018

    Congratulations to Louie Valencia on his latest peer-reviewed publication:

    “Tintin in the Movida Madrileña: Gender and Sexuality in the Punk Comic Book Zine Scene,” in European Comic Art, the journal of the International Bande Dessinée Society (Berghahn Press).

    Full Issue | Article Link

    Congratulations to Ron Brown, who has been named the FY2020-2022 Ingram Professor! The Ingram Professorship, which provides release time and monetary support for a senior faculty member to pursue his or her research agenda, was established by Callie Ingram and family to recognize a faculty member’s scholarly contribution to the discipline of history and to further the study of history at Texas State. Dr. Brown will use the resources provided by the professorship to complete, research and publish a contemporary institutional history of Texas State University.

    Ron will succeed Joseph Yick, who currently holds the professorship. Previous Ingram Professors include Elizabeth Makowski and Jimmy McWilliams.

    Dr. Ana Romo has an article in an edited collection that has just come out entitled The Making of Brazil’s Black Mecca, edited by Bernd Reiter and Scott Ickes and published by Michigan State University Press. The article, originally published in Portuguese in the journal Áfro-Asia is now in English and updated, as "O Que É Que a Bahia Representa? Bahia's State Museum and the Struggles to Define Bahian Culture." It reveals the debates that took place about what role black culture should play in museums from the 1940s into the 1960s.

    Congratulations to Louie Valencia, who has been nominated and selected for recognition by the Texas State Student Foundation! Each year ten people from Texas State University Faculty and Staff are recognized for having made “significant impact in both the lives of the general student population and to the university community.” Recipients are nominated and chosen by students. Louie will be recognized at the “Foundations of Excellence” dinner on Wednesday, October 17, 2018.

    Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Helgeson whose piece, “Politics in the Promised Land: How the Great Migration Shaped the American Midwest” has been published in a volume entitled Finding a New Midwestern History (Univ. of Nebraska Press, 2018).

    In it, he argues that the making of regional histories is an essentially political process. The Great Migration, far from introducing a "race problem" in the Midwest, led to conflicts that reshaped a region founded upon Indian removal and hopes for a white producers' republic. We need to understand the long history of a regionalism grounded in racial formation, racism, and economic inequality--and the struggles against them--in order to see how we got where we are in that divided region, and perhaps to imagine a different future.

    The History Department celebrated National House Keeping week (Sept 9-15) by honoring Rosie, our outstanding custodian!  Thanks for all your hard work!

    RosieNational House Keeping WeekThank you messages to Rosie

    The History Department is proud to announce that Dr. Nancy K. Berlage, Associate Professor of History and Associate Director of the Public History Program, has been awarded the 2018 Golden Apple Award for Scholarly/Creative Activity from the College of Liberal Arts. Each year, the College honors the Presidential Award nominee who received the highest number of votes at the Liberal Arts Council during the University-wide nominating process. This award honors Dr. Berlage as the top scholar in the Liberal Arts College for the previous year.

    New book review essay by Dr. Jose Carlos de la Puente:

    De la Puente Luna, José Carlos. 2018. “Painting the Canvas of the Great Andean Uprising: Recent Research on the Age of Tupac Amaru.” Latin American Research Review 53(2), pp. 381–387.

    We are very excited to announce that Dr. Lynn Denton will receive the Texas State Alumni Association Teaching Award of Honor for this upcoming year.

    The award is given to one Texas State educator each year based on the following criteria:

    • Excellence in Instructional Delivery and Design
    • Subject Matter and Competency
    • Impact on Student Success

    The Illinois State Historical Society gave to Nancy Berlage’s book, Farmers Helping Farmers: The Rise of the Farm and Home Bureau, 1914-1935, the Award of Superior Achievement, in “Recognition of superior achievement that serves as a model for the profession and reaches a greater public.”

    Congratulations to Dr. Nancy Berlage, who is remaining busy. She just received an advance contract for her next book from the University of Nebraska Press.

  • Spring 2018

    Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Bishop. The Center for Russian and East European Studies has awarded her a grant for research in the National Archives of Azerbaijan in Baku, regarding Shi'i Muslims in the international "Partisans of Peace" movement in the USSR during the 1950s.

    Congratulations to Dr. Ron Johnson. The majors and minors in International Studies have selected him to be the International Studies Professor of the Year!

    Eighteen Texas State students and a faculty member brought back gold from Washington DC. At the National University Model Arab League competition (NUMAL, 5-8 April 2018), student-diplomats represent one of the 22 nation-state members of the Arab League. This year, the Bobcats represented Lebanon, with N'Deye Ndiaye (as the team's Head Delegate) and Devin Barrett receiving the "Outstanding Delegation" award.
    Of 2018's conference, Political Science major Patrick Maloney said, “I definitely improved upon my diplomatic skills. Working with other people has always made me a bit apprehensive. However, I gained a new respect and appreciation for diplomacy and working towards a collective goal." Maloney presented Lebanon's policies on the Environmental Affairs council, where Texas State faced stiff competition. Among the institutions of higher education qualifying for this year's Nationals were the American University in Cairo (Egypt), Adrian College, Bringham Young University, Converse College, George Mason University, George Washington University, Northeastern University, Northwestern University, the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, the University of Arkansas/Little Rock, and the University of Houston. We're thankful for an excellent experience, and we learned a lot.

    Keynote speaker at this year's event was Al-Jazeera’s Washington D.C. bureau chief Abderrahim Foukara. Responding to his thoghtful remarks, Journalism and Mass Communication major Geoff Sloan reflected: "My highlight at NUMAL 2018 in Washington was the opportunity to work with students from universities around the world. I’ve had the pleasure of making connections with tomorrow’s practitioners in the Arab world and I look forward to our continued relationship." Sloan (photo attached, with Zehra Haque, representing Lebanon on the Political Affairs council) travelled with the National Council to Doha, Qatar during December 2017.
    The entire Model Arab League team gratefully acknowledges support from the College of Liberal Arts, Office of the Dean; College of Liberal Arts, Department of Geography; College of Liberal Arts, Department of History; College of Liberal Arts, Department of Political Science; College of Liberal Arts, Department of Psychology; Department of Engineering Technology; McCoy College of Business Administration, Department of Management; McCoy College of Business Administration, Dept. of CIS & QMST, Mr. Robert Mooney, Student Government's Rising STAR travel grants, the Student Organizations Council, from the Dean of Students’ Office, Student Service Fee funds, the Coalition of Black Faculty and Staff, and finally-- from the University Bookstore.

    Congratulations to Alex LaRotta -- one of our former students who has won a Mellon Fellowship to complete his Ph.D. the University of Houston!  Dr. Gary Hartman directed Alex’s MA thesis in 2012. That thesis became the basis for Alex’s article in the 2013 Journal of Texas Music History. The article examines San Antonio’s “West Side Sound,” a unique blending of Chicano, African-American, and Anglo-American musical and cultural influences.

    Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Bishop who was selected to be a Fulbright Scholar in Algeria next year!  Dr. Bishop will be going to be at the Université d'Oran, where Belkacem Belmekki is setting up a center for American Studies.  She also held a Fulbright in Algeria during 2007-2009, at the Université d'Alger, Bouzaréah campus. There, she taught courses on US literature, including a seminar where students read fiction written by James Baldwin, Chester Himes, and Richard Wright. The graduate students discovered their divergent discussions of North African politics during the 1950s and 1960s.

    Congratulations to one of our December MA graduates, Rachel Brown, who accepted a fully funded offer of admission to Tulane University this weekend. Rachel will pursue a Ph.D. in the Department of American History, and her emphasis will be on the history of women, genders, and sexualities. Her MA thesis, directed by Dr. Jessica Pliley, is entitled: "Repeal Politics: Abortion in Austin, Texas 1965-1975." Her proposed dissertation will be a comparative, transnational project focusing on how women travel for abortions across borders.

    Congratulations to Dr. Louie Valencia on the publication of his book, Antiauthoritarian Youth Culture in Francoist Spain: Clashing with Fascism available from Bloomsbury Press

    Congratulations to Dr. Leah Renold whose article, "The Mahatma and the Missionary: Gandhi's Conflicting Accounts of His First Encounter with Christianity," has just come out in the Journal of Colonialism and Colonial History, published by Johns Hopkins University Press.  Leah wanted to put in a special word of thanks to Ken Margerison for reviewing the article and making suggestions.

    One of our MA students, Shina Shayesteh, has accepted an offer of admission to Penn. She will pursue a Ph.D. in the Department of History and Sociology of Science, and her emphasis will be on the history of medicine. Her MA thesis, which Ken Margerison directed, was entitled: "'THIS MOST TERRIBLE OF ALL DEFORMITIES': THE VICTORIANS AND SCOLIOSIS, 1849-1899."

    Congratulations to Dr. José Carlos de la Puente whose article on the colonial Incas, published in Revista Andina last year, has been awarded the “José María Arguedas Best Article Prize” of the Peru Section of the Latin American Studies Association! The prize is awarded to the best article, in English or Spanish, about Peru, published in the previous year.

    Congratulations to Public History graduate students Krista Pollett and Cori McDonald! They won first place and people’s choice awards, respectively, in the University 3MT (Three Minute Thesis) competition.

    They will advance to the University Final at the Performing Arts Center on Tuesday, April 3, from 1:00-3:00 pm. A reception with refreshments will be held at 1 pm with the competition starting directly after. RSVP at To learn more about 3MT:

    Elise Leal, a 2013 graduate of our master's program, will graduate this spring with a Ph.D. in history from Baylor and has accepted a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor of Early and Nineteenth Century American History at Whitworth University. Dr. Ronald Johnson, who was her thesis advisor, just shared the news!

    Dr. Ronald Johnson recently published a review article in the March 2018 issue of Reviews in American History: “Not your Fathers’ Revolution: Internationalizing American Independence.”

    Congratulations to Sara Damiano, who has received a fellowship to work on her book this summer! She will be participating in the Omohundro Institute for Early American History and Culture’s Scholars’ Workshop, a four week program focused on manuscript development and revisions for early scholars.

    Texas State's Model Arab League team returned from the Bilateral Chamber Regional MAL competition in Houston, receiving multiple awards for their representation of the Lebanese Republic.

    Model Arab LeagueCompeting at UHCL (16-18 February) against teams representing the Houston Community College's Honors College, Texas A&M University, the University of Arkansas Little Rock, the University of Houston Clear Lake, and the University of Houston Downtown campuses, Texas State students Brittlin Richardson and Aaron Gaul were recognized as "Outstanding Delegation" on the Joint Defense Council. About their work, Brittlin Richardson says; "we spearheaded a resolution to solve the issue of natural disaster preparedness in the Middle East/North Africa region."

    Model Arab League Group PhotoAlso receiving awards were Bobcats Sandra Sadek and Richard Geoff Sloan, who were recognized as "Distinguished Delegation" on the Political Affairs Council. About this, Geoff Sloan says: "I was thrown into heated debate about a range of issues from mending diplomatic ties to reworking the Arab League Charter. My skills in parliamentary procedure, diplomacy, and resolution writing earned my partner and I the... award."

    Finally, Head Delegate N’Deye Ndiaye was recognized as "Distinguished Chair." The Model Arab League team is grateful for support from the College of Liberal Arts, Student Government's Rising STAR program, and the office of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

    Congratulations to Dr. Ellen Tillman who has a book chapter in the recently published Routledge History of Global War & Society!

    Congratulations to Dr. Leah Renold. Her book chapter “Maharaja and the Brahman: The Subordination of History to Myth” appears in Hidden Histories: Religion and Reform in South Asia, an edited volume that just has been published in India by Primus Books.

    Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Mauck – this year’s recipient of the Swinney Leave Award. He will be taking his leave during fall semester in order to work on course development.

    Thank you to the committee for their work on this!

    Congratulations to Dr. Nancy Berlage who was selected as a Liberal Arts nominee for the Presidential Award in Scholarly/Creative Activity!

    Congratulations to Dr. Ron Johnson whose article "Haiti's Connection to Early America: Beyond the Revolution" was published in History Compass last week!

    Dr. Nancy Berlage has contributed a blog entry on her book for the Rural Women’s Studies Association Blog.

    Congratulations to Dr. Peter Dedek.  His book Cemeteries of New Orleans has been named an “Honor Book” by the Louisiana Library Association, and will be recognized at the organization’s March conference.

    Louie Valencia has a weekly, five-part series titled “The Rise of the European Far-Right in the Internet Age,” published in EuropeNow (Council for European Studies at Columbia University), which is running concurrently with their February issue on “Nationalism, Nativism, and the Revolt against Globalism.” Each installment is around 2000-words on average.

    Congratulations to Dr. Joseph Yick on his recent publication. 
    Joseph K.S. Yick, "Yuan Shu: Chinese Special Service Agent & Spy, 1931-45," Southeast Review of Asian Studies, Volume 39 (2017), pp. 84-113.

    Congratulations to Dr. John McKiernan-Gonzalez on the publication of “Working at the Crossroads: A Guide for Border Crossing” in Kalfou, Volume 4, Issue 2 (Fall 2017).

    Congratulations to History grad student Jane Heffelfinger who has won a grant from Chapter IW (Horseshoe Bay) of the P.E.O. Sisterhood through its Program for Continuing Education!  P.E.O. stands for Philanthropic Educational Organization, and its mission is to support educational opportunities for women.

    Congratulations to Jose Carlos de la Puente! His book, Andean Cosmopolitans: Seeking Justice and Reward at the Spanish Royal Court, has been published by UT press.

    Congratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Bishop whose article “Indemnity Against The Government”: Prisons and Prisoners in Hashemite Iraq During the Cold War,” was published in Historical Yearbook, Romanian Academy “Nicolae Iorga” Historical Institute, vol. 8 (2017): 85-97.

  • Fall 2017

    Congratulations to Dr. Jeremy Roethler whose article, Albert Leo Schlageter: First Soldier of the Third Reich or Catholic War Hero?, has been published in  Catholic Historical Review.

    Congratulations to Elizabeth on the publication of the following piece:
    Elizabeth Bishop, « Golden Flies: Egypt's Pharaonic Past in Multiple Mirrors », in Mercedes Volait et Emmanuelle Perrin (dir.), Dialogues artistiques avec les passés de l'Égypte : une perspective transnationale et transmédiale, Paris, InVisu (CNRS-INHA) (« Actes de colloques »), 2017.

    Congratulations to Dr. Paul Hart who has been named director of Texas State University’s Center for International Studies. On September 1, 2018, he will succeed Dr. Dennis Dunn, who is retiring as director of center and Regents’ Professor of History.

    Congratulations to Dr. Jimmy McWilliams who wrote the cover story for The American Scholar magazine, Winter 2018.

    Congratulations to Dr. John McKiernan, who has a contribution in the recently published “Keywords in Latina/o Studies,” part of the Keywords series of NY Press!

    Civil War History has published a roundtable on Free State of Jones, a movie based on the scholarship of our own Distinguished Professor Emeritus Victoria Bynum.

    Congratulations to Dr. Ken Margerison who has been named an Honorary Professor of International Studies.

    Congratulations to Jessica Pliley, who has been named one of the Moore Institute Visiting Research Fellows, National University of Ireland, Galway, 2017-2018! Jessica will be visiting Galway in May 2018.

    Dr. Jimmy McWilliams was recently published in the Virginia Quarterly Review

    Congratulations to Dr. Jeff Helgeson who is one the university's two nominees for the Carnegie Fellowship.

    Congratulations to Sara Damiano on the publication of her article, "Writing Women's History Through the Revolution: Family Finances, Letter Writing, and Conceptions of Marriage," in the October 2017 issue of the William and Mary Quarterly!

    Congratulations to Dan Utley on his new book The Presidents Speak: Addresses from the Leadership of the East Texas Historical Association, 2000-2016. Edited by Milton S. Jordan and Dan K. Utley. Nacogdoches: Stephen F. Austin State University Press.

    Congratulations to De. Peter Dedek on his recent interview by the New Orleans Advocate about his book, the Cemeteries of New Orleans: A Cultural History.  You can find the interview on

    Congratulations to Jeremy Roethler whose article, "Albert Leo Schlageter: First Soldier of the Third Reich or Catholic War Hero?", will appear in the Autumn 2017 issue of the Catholic Historical Review!

    Congratulations to Jimmy McWilliams whose 2016 essay, "Saving the Self in the Age of the Selfie," in The American Scholar, made it onto The Atlantic's annual 100 exceptional works of journalism list!

    Dr. Jason Mellard's "1973 Redux: Revisiting Michael Novak and Agnes Moreland Jackson on White Ethnicity and National Belonging" appears in Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal Vol. 100, No. 3, 2017. The article reframes a 1973 point/counterpoint debate from the pages of the journal between Michael Novak ("How American Are You If Your Grandparents Came from Serbia in 1888?") and Agnes Moreland Jackson ("To See the 'Me' in 'Thee': Challenge to All White Americans, or, White Ethnicity from a Black Perspective").

  • Dr. Ron Jager passed away Wednesday, July 26.  Ron was a full time faculty member in the History Department from 1967 to 1993.  Even after his retirement, he continued for several years to teach part time for the department.

    Ron was a “renaissance man” in many ways. In addition to his PhD in History, he held a J.D. and worked as a geologist.  Always active in the Arts, he and his wife, Marie, spearheaded the restoration of the Old First Christian Church, turning it into the Price Center which, according to their website, currently serves as a “gathering place for stimulating cultural, social and intellectual opportunities.”

    A Wake was held at the Price Senior Center, from 6 to 8 p.m., Friday, August 4th. Ron’s Life was celebrated at The Chapel at the San Marcos City Cemetery, 10 a.m., Saturday, August 5th, where he was laid to rest.

    Congratulations to Dr. John Mckiernan-Gonzalez who has been named the Jerome H. and Catherine E. Supple Professor of Southwestern Studies beginning September 1, 2017. He succeeds Dr. Jesús F. “Frank” de la Teja, who is retiring as director of Texas State’s Center for the Study of the Southwest.

    Congratulations to Jeremy Roethler!  His Conference Report: “Catholic Antisemitism and German National Socialism”  appears in the June 2017 issue of Contemporary Church History Quarterly available at

    Bishop AIMS EventDr. Elizabeth Bishop recently co-chaired the Annual conference of the American Institute of Maghrib Studies (AIMS) in Djerba, Tunisia. Co chairs were Brock Cutler (Redford University) and Jacob Mundy (Colgate University). The annual AIMS conference is a signature event that brings together delegations of scholars-- in this particular case, architects as well-- from Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, and the US, as well as individual scholars from Egypt and Germany. We addressed "Making Space in the Maghrib" as our thematic.

    Congratulations to Jason Mellard on the publication of "'These Are My People': The Politics of Country Music" in the The Oxford Handbook of Country Music edited by Travis Stimeling.

    Congratulations to N’Deye Ndiaye who has been awarded the Benjamin A. Gilman scholarship, which is sponsored by the U.S. Department of States' Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, to study or intern abroad during the Summer 2017 academic term. She has also been recently elected as president of the Model Arab League!  You can read more about N'Deye in the University Star.

    Congratulations to Ron Johnson!  He has been selected as the 2017 recipient of the Alumni Association’s Teaching Award of Honor!  He will receive the award at Convocation in August.

    Congratulations to John Mckiernan-Gonzalez! He is one of five founders of a public conference and a virtual forum where journalists and academics bring their expertise to bear on matters of interest to/for/about Latinos.  ‘Cronicas: where academics and journalists meet.’: has now made its debut. 

    The site includes several articles published by other as well.  A selection can be found here.

    Congratulations to Nancy Berlage who learned that her book, Farmers Helping Farmers, was a Finalist for the Jon Gjerde Prize for the Best Book in Midwestern History given by the Midwestern History Association!

    Congratulations to Peter Dedek!  LSU press just published his book, The Cemeteries of New Orleans: A Cultural History.  

    Congratulations to Frank de la Teja whose article, “San Antonio Military Roots Go Back to the Presidio,”  appeared in the May 28th San Antonio Express-News.

    Congratulations to Dan Utley, who not only has a new article, but also wins for the “catchiest article title of the year”!
    “Flying an Outhouse to the Cajuns: Woodville’s Clyde E. Gray as Artist and Promoter,” The Texas Gulf Historical and Biographical Record (The Journal of the Texas Gulf Historical Society, Lamar University), Vol. 52.

    Congratulations to Dr. McWilliams whose article on Walt Whitman appears in the current issue of The Paris Review.  You may read the article at

    Congratulations to Dr. Ronald Johnson who was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Award, which is sponsored by the Black Student Alliance and voted on by members of student body. The award was presented to him by Jerrilyn Roberson, Texas State University '18, Black Student Alliance (BSA) President.

    Congratulations to Jessica Pliley.  Her chapter, “Protecting the Young and the Innocent:  Age and Consent in the Enforcement of the White Slave Traffic Act,” has been published in Child Slavery before and after Emancipation, edited by Anna Mae Duane (Cambridge University Press, 2017).

    Our student worker, Joceline, is not only graduating, but she also has a new job.  She is set to begin her training later this month with the Department of US Customs and Border Protection!

    Congratulations to  Nichole Saunders (MA ’96)!  Vikki Bynum recently caught up with Nichole at Lynchburg College, where Nikki is now a full professor! Nikki wrote her thesis under Gregg's direction and went on to earn her PhD from UC Irvine. She was just named Lynchburg College's John Franklin East Distinguished Professor of the Humanities. 

    Mary Brennan Administrative AwardThe Center for International Studies presented Dr. Mary Brennan with the International Studies Administrator of the Year Award for the 2016-2017 academic year. Dr. Brennan has provided continued support for the Center and its students. She most recently was on the planning committee for the Obama Legacy Conference. The interdisciplinary conference hosted scholars from around the world to discuss the impact of the past administration with regards to both foreign and domestic policy. In addition to serving on the committee, Dr. Brennan participated in a panel discussing the impact of Michelle Obama and her role as First Lady.

    Congratulations to Dr. Brennan and thank you for your continued support.

    Congratulations to Sandra Smith Davidson (MA 1999) who will earn her PhD from the University of Houston this May!

    Congratulations to Joaquin Rivaya-Martinez who has been notified that he has been awarded the Medalla de Acero al Mérito Histórico "Capitán Alonso de León" by the Sociedad Nuevo Leonesa de Historia, Geografía y Estadística.

    Here are words I never thought I would write about our department:  we are a department of athletes!  I know that you all are academic rock stars, but now, I discover that many of you are out running marathons!  Alan Atchison and Jimmy had been our department runners for years.  The rest of us could accept a couple of healthy types, but now we are being overrun (pardon the pun!) with athletes.  Last week, Sara ran in the Boston Marathon and on Sunday, Carrie placed 5th among all the women in the Capitol 10K and first in her age category. John and Jeff are runners/bikers and Adam has the graduate students playing softball.  Dennis and Paul play basketball.

    Congratulations to Nancy Berlage!  The Iowa State Historical Society named her book, Farmers Helping Farmers, one of the five best Iowa history books published in 2016.  As such, her work was named a Benjamin F. Shambaugh Award Finalist.

    Congratulations to our newest tenured Associate Professor, Dr. Ellen Tillman, and our newest Full Professors, Drs. Paul Hart and Lynn Denton!!!

    Congratulations to the Texas State Model Arab League Team!  Competing with students from over 20 universities around the globe at the National University Model Arab League held in Washington, D.C., Texas State students Daisy Jaimez, N'Deye Ndiaye, Coffey McCurdy, and Brittlin Richardson distinguished themselves by winning awards. In addition, Texas State’s Coffey McCurdy will also be an executive member of the NCUSAR Secretariat for the 2018 season.

    Liberal Arts Award 2017Congratulations to Lindsey Wallenberg and Heather Marie Haley! Lindsey was named the Outstanding Graduate Student in Liberal Arts, and Heather won the Outstanding Master's Thesis Award in the Humanities and Fine Arts.


    Congratulations to Elizabeth Bishop whose letter to the editor was printed in the Statesman on March 26th!

    Congratulations to Josh Paddison whose essay, “Studying Gods and Monsters,” was recently published in a new anthology, Monsters in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching What Scares Us, edited by Adam Golub and Heather Richardson Hayton (Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., 2017).

    George Gentry, who taught in the department for 19 years during the 1980s and ‘90s, passed away last September.  George was a gentleman who loved history and his students.  After retiring from the military, he returned to then Southwest Texas State University to complete a graduate degree.  He was a kind man and a good teacher.  Margaret Vaverek found this obituary in the Houston Chronicle.

    Congratulations to Lindsey Waldenberg, Outstanding Graduate Student in Liberal Arts!

    Congratulations to Dr. Nancy Berlage! New York History, the journal of the New York State Historical Association and the State University of New York – Oneonta, published her article, "Plotting a Better Future for Agriculture, Women, and the Empire State: Historical Pageantry in the 1920s."

    Congratulations to Dr. Dennis Dunn, the LA nominee for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarly/Creative Activity!
    Thank you to all of our nominees:  Ellen, Rebecca, Bryan M., Jessica, Nancy, and Jason.  We think you are all winners.

    Everette Swinney passed away on March 1, 2017.  He joined the faculty in 1957 and retired in 2004.  He was a wonderful teacher; an innovator; a strong advocate for faculty; a dedicated historian who chaired the department for at least 10 years; and always a voice of calm reason. Visitation is at Pennington’s on Sunday, March 5th from 4 to 6.  Funeral service is also at Pennington’s on Monday, March 6th at 2 pm.  Read his obituary

    Congratulations to Dr. Paul Chevedden whose chapter, “Pope Urban II and the Ideology of the Crusades,” appears in  Adrian Boas, ed,  The Crusader World (London: Routledge, 2016) which was just named one of the CHOICE list of Outstanding Academic Titles for 2016. 

    Congratulations to Frank de la Teja!  His book, Faces of Bexar: Early San Antonio and Texas, won the  Summerfield G. Roberts award from the Sons of the Republic of Texas!

    MAL AwardCongratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Bishop and the members of the Model Arab League!  They won honors as the Outstanding Delegation at the Bilateral Chamber Model Arab League in Houston this weekend!


    Bishop Paws Preview AwardCongratulations to Dr. Elizabeth Bishop who has been nominated and chosen to have a Paws Preview “Den” named for her!


    Congratulations to Elizabeth Bishop who has been awarded  one of Notre Dame's Global Religion Research Initiative (GRRI) competitive grants to develop a course on the Shi'a Muslim community of Najaf, Iraq-- in particular, how they understood nuclear non-proliferation during the Cold War.

    Congratulations to Jimmy McWilliams whose latest essay appears in The Paris Review and is accessible at

    Congratulations to Dan Utley who published a chapter titled "With the Yalies in the Deep Woods" in Eavesdropping on Texas History (UNT Press), edited by Mary L. Scheer, a Texas State (SWT) graduate.  The book also includes a chapter entitled 'The Loneliest Job in the World': The Day Lyndon Johnson Became President" by Michael Collins and chapters by SWT alumns Light Cummins and Patrick Cox. 

    Congratulations to Ken Margerison on publication of his article, “Rogue Diplomacy:  Sartine, Saint-Lubin and the French Attempt to Recover ‘Lost India,’” French History, 30 (December 2016):  477-504.

    Congratulations to Elizabeth Bishop who has succeeded in winning Texas State its second full-year resident Fulbright Scholar!  Dr. Gökser Gökçay, who trained within the Ataturk Institute for Modern Turkish History at Dokuz Eylül University, will be joining the department for the 2017-2018 academic year.   A historian of US economic assistance during the Cold War, Dr. Gökçay will be team-teaching a course with Elizabeth and will be available throughout the year for guest lectures.

    Congratulations to Jeff Helgeson and Jessica Pliley who were awarded Supplemental Grants to extend their Faculty Development Leaves for the entire 2017-2018 academic year!

    Congratulations to Dennis Dunn on the publication of his latest book, The Catholic Church and Soviet Russia, 1917-1939 (Routledge Press, 2017).

    Jimmy McWilliam's Virginia Quarterly Review article was reprinted in Italian in an Italian literary journal called Internazionale. It's worth looking at for the images alone.  I strongly recommend looking through it.

    Texas State’s Model Arab League attended the National University Model Arab League from March 31- April 2. This was hosted by the National Council on U.S.- Arab Relations (NCUSAR) in Washington D.C. with over 20 other universities in attendance from around the globe.

    Students from Texas State participated in councils that were directed at specific topics including: Joint Defense, Palestinian Affairs, Social Affairs, Political Affairs, Environmental Affairs, Economic Affairs, Heads of State, Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons, and a Joint Cabinet Crisis simulator. These councils were all directed towards the ongoing development in the Arab world with an emphasis on Texas State’s ability to learn and build skills related to their respective topics.

    During the National University Model Arab League, awards were presented to Texas State students among a handful of students from other universities. These recipients include Daisy Jaimez, N'Deye Ndiaye, Coffey McCurdy, and Brittlin Richardson. In addition, Texas State’s Coffey McCurdy will also be an executive member of the NCUSAR Secretariat for the 2018 season.


    Each student had a unique experience within their council and attacked the council’s task with their own creative solutions. Catherine Wicker of the Environmental Affairs Council stated “I represented the delegation of Qatar with Madeline Machlab in the environmental council. In session with worked with other countries to make resolutions fixing the problems of lack of water and environmental problems such as oil spills and overfishing.” Kele Isibor of the Economic Affairs Council stated that “I was on the economic affairs council along side Devin Barrett. My experience in session strengthen my public speaking skills and awarded me an in depth knowledge on the Arab region. Especially the connections between Qatar and other Arab states. As a council we were able to acknowledge ties between economic and social issues and respond appropriately. Most of all I was happy with the diplomatic interactions between my fellow delegates and I throughout NUMAL.”

    The Model Arab League acknowledges support from the Assistant Vice President for International Affairs; from Texas State University Crowdfunding; and from the Dean of Students' Office, Student Government "Rising STAR" travel grants; as well as from the the College of Liberal Arts; from the Departments of Anthropology, Geography, History, Modern Languages, and Political Science. In addition, two personal donations from friends of the University and friends of the Model Arab League made travel to NUMAL possible.

    Seventeen Texas State students and a faculty member returned from the Bilateral Chamber Regional Model Arab League event at the University of Houston-Clear Lake with awards. The Bilateral US-Arab Chamber of Commerce and the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations organize these events at which students debate in five councils: Economic Affairs, Joint Defense, Palestinian Affairs, Political Affairs, and Social Affairs.  Six universities (among them Houston Community College – Honors, Texas A&M University – College Station, University of Houston Downtown and Clear Lake campuses, as well as the Honors College) were represented at the competition, which took place 18-19 February 2017.

    At such competitions, students sharpened their skills in diplomacy and public speech, and ten Bobcats-- as well as the entire Texas State team-- brought home honors.  At this year's competition, students took the added challenge of representing Qatar's government. The entire Bobcat delegation was recognized as "Outstanding Team." In addition, Sarah Marshall was recognized as "Outstanding Chair;" of her experience, Ms Marshall said: "as chair of the council on Palestinian Affairs, I brought leadership and experience." Head Delegate Daisy Jaimez received the competition's "Distinguished Chair" award as well. 

    For their contributions to the Joint Defense council, Coffey McCurdy and Keeley Dorman were awarded Outstanding Delegation  Regarding her representation of Qatar, Ms McCurdy observes: "Participating at Model Arab League allowed me to enhance my public speaking skills through giving short thirty seconds to two minute speeches throughout the day. I also improved my writing skills by contributing a substantial amount of draft language. Overall I gained impeccable teamwork skills because I worked closely with my partner along with every person in the room to come up with creative and realistic solutions to some of the world's most challenging problems." Bobcats Mohammad Al-Rousan and Kierah Shirk won Outstanding Delegation for their representation of Qatar on Political Affairs as well.

    On the Economic Affairs council, N'Deye Ndiaye and Kele Isibor were recognized as a Distinguished Delegation  Regarding their contributions to the debate, Ms Isibor notes: "in council we proposed an incorporation of an ethical perspective when examining the given topics and advocated that we not solely view from a financial/monetary standpoint, but the also consider the overall implications of any given action." Geoffrey Sloan and Aaron Gaul were recognized as a Distinguished Delegation for their representation of Qatar on the Palestinian Affairs council as well. Finally, Eman Saleh and Christine Gian won Distinguished Delegation for their contribution to Social Affairs.

    As Head Delegate, Ms Jaimez said, "At my third Bilateral, I had the privilege of chairing the Economic Affairs. Serving as Chair was a huge responsibility... not only did I assist my delegation preparing for their own councils, I also ensured my parliamentary procedure skills were to the expected level. With this ability, I lead a successful and productive council, earned recognition as Distinguished Chair, and assisted Texas State in receiving the Outstanding Delegation award at the Bilateral Conference."

    The MAL program acknowledges support from the Student Service Fee committee, the Rising STAR program, the College of Liberal Arts, and the History Department.  History's Dr. Elizabeth Bishop mentors Texas State University's program. For further information, you can email her at

  • Congratulations to Jose Carlos on the following publications:

    Congratulations to Josh Paddison whose essay, "New Directions in the History of Religion and Race," appears in the current issue of American Quarterly 68 no. 4 (Dec. 2016): 1007-1017; here's the link:

    Congratulations to Joaquin who had two book chapters published this week.

    • “Tras la huella de los bárbaros: Itinerarios comanches a través de México, 1821-1875.” Chapter in the book Los caminos transversales, edited by Chantal Cramaussel and Guadalupe Rodríguez, 189-216. Zamora, Michoacán: El Colegio de Michoacán, Universidad Juárez del Estado de Durango.
    • “De ‘salvajes’ a ‘imperialistas’. Una revisión crítica de la historiografía sobre los comanches durante el período anterior a la reserva (1700-1875).”  In Visiones del pasado. Reflexiones para escribir la historia de los pueblos indígenas de América, edited by Ana Luisa Izquierdo, 153-192. Mexico City: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.

    Congratulations to Ana Romo, recipient of an NEH Award for Faculty for 2017! 

    Congratulations to Dennis Dunn who has had an extraordinary week.  He was named Regents’ Professor by the Texas State Board of Regents and published his sixth book, The Catholic Church and Soviet Russia, 1917-39 (Routledge Religion, Society and Government in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet States)!

    Congratulations to Sara, Jose Carlos, Jeff, Ken, Jessica, and Joseph on winning REP awards!  Of the 13 grants awarded in Liberal Arts, History earned 6.

    Congratulations to Frank de la Teja who was one of several historians interviewed by KUT concerning the State Board of Education’s rejection of the Dunbar textbook on Mexican Americans.  You can find the interview at the following link:

    Congratulations to Frank de la Teja!  His book, Faces of Bexar; Early San Antonio & Texas won the Presidio La Bahia Award given by the Sons of the Republic of Texas.

    Congratulations to Adam Clark, who successfully defended his thesis on November 3rd.

    Congratulations to Heather Haley, MA’16, (and her advisor, Ellen Tillman), for winning The Graduate College’s Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award in the Humanities and Fine Arts!

    Congratulations to Lynn Denton whose article, “’They are Hauling Off bits of Texas’:  James E. Pearce and the Effort to Establish a State Museum,” appears in the October 2016 edition of the Southwestern Historical Quarterly.

    Congratulations to Angie Murphy whose chapter, “Wendell Phillips and the American Indian,” appears in Wendell Phillips, Social Justice, and the Power of the Past, eds. A J Aiséirithe and Donald Yacovone, Louisiana State University Press, 2016.

    Congratulations to Elizabeth Makowski, whose chapter “The Curious Case of Mary Felton,” will appear in Proceedings of the Fourteenth International Congress of Medieval Canon Law, published by the Vatican.

    Congratulations to Frank de la Teja who participated in a BBC World Service program entitled “Hispanic in Texas.”  His contribution begins about minute 6 of the 18-minute piece.  Here is the link to the program:

    Congratulations to Jason Mellard, whose the chapter "'Gettin' Tough': Steve Earle's America" appears in Craig Clifford and Craig Hillis, eds. Pickers & Poets: The Ruthlessly Poetic Singer-Songwriters of Texas (Texas A & M Press)!

    Jimmy’s latest essay can be found at

    Congratulations to Dennis Dunn. His latest book, A History of Orthodox, Islamic, and Western Christian Political Values, is now available from Palgrave Macmillan.  There is a copy on the table the office.  Dennis’ work will be included in the first spring book reading.

    Congratulations to Angie Murphy, whose article, Slavery & Abolition: "'This Foul Slavery-Reviving System': Irish Opposition to the Jamaica Emigration Scheme,” appears in Slavery & Abolition, 37:3, 578-579.  You can also find the article at the link below:

    Congratulations to Elizabeth Bishop and Ellen Tillman who have been chosen to guest edit an issue of the Graduate Journal of Social Sciences.  The theme for the issue is “New Military Histories of the 20th Century."  The CFP has gone live and the new submission deadline is February 20, 2017.  Please bring this to the attention of your graduate students.

    Congratulations as well to Jeff Helgeson who has been named the subject matter expert on the winning bid for the National Park Service's museum development team at the Pullman National Monument.

    Congratulations to Jimmy McWilliams whose article, "The Examined Lie," from Summer 2015 American Scholar was just named a Notable Essay of 2015 in The Best American Essays 2016 (edited by Jonathan Franzen).

    Congratulations to Dan Utley.  Texas A&M University Press published his edited collection of oral histories entitled Archie P. McDonald: A Life in Texas History.

    Congratulations to Jessica Pliley. Cambridge University Press published her co-edited volume (along with Robert Kramm-Masaoka and Harald Fischer-Tiné), Global Anti-Vice Activism, 1890-1950: Fighting Drinks, Drugs, and “Immorality.”  In addition to editing, Jessica also wrote the introduction and one of the chapters.    

    Congratulations to Frank de la Teja on the publication of Texan Identities:  Moving beyond Myth, Memory, and fallacy in Texas History.  This book, published by the University of North Texas Press, is a compilation of essays written by former Texas State graduates and presented at a symposium organized by Frank.

    Congratulations to Jeff Helgeson whose article, “American Labor and Working-Class History, 1900-1945,” has been published in the Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History. As editor Jon Butler notes: The Oxford Research Encyclopedia of American History is a peer-reviewed resource that “combines the speed & flexibility of digital with the rigorous standards of academic publishing.” the article is available online at:
    Helgeson, Jeffrey. "American Labor and Working-Class History, 1900–1945." American History: Oxford Research Encyclopedias. 1 Sep. 2016.

    Congratulations to Margaret Menninger, whose edited volume, The Total Work of Art:  foundations, articulations, inspirations, was published this summer by Berghahn.  In addition to editing the volume, Margaret also wrote the Introduction and co-authored one of the chapters, “The Will to Heal: Gesanamtkunstwerk and Memorial Music since 1945.”

    Congratulations to Dwight Watson, whose monograph, Race and the Houston Police Department, appears on The August 2016 New & Noteworthy list from the Legislative Reference Library.

    Congratulations to Tom Alter [MA ‘08] who successfully defended his dissertation [University of Illinois at Chicago] in July--"Dirt Farmer Internationalists, The Meitzen Family: Three Generations of Farmer-Labor Radicals, 1848-1932."

    Congratulations Elizabeth Bishop on the publication of her chapter, “Wearing Balmain, Dior, and Schiaparelli:  Foreign Escorts in Hashemite Iraq,” in Prostitution: A Companion of Mankind, ed. Frank Jacob, NY: Peter Lang, 2016.

    John Mckiernan-Gonzales participated in an extended podcast that New Books in Latino Studies completed with Kellly Lyttle-Hernandez.  Dr. Lyttle-Hernandez discussed how her experience growing up black and politically conscious on the San Diego border shaped her sense that the border matters to everybody. She also discusses the joy of the hunt, the troublesome effort to find archives – and ultimately make archives – to begin a history of the border patrol, and to look at the ways actual people (with families) tried to govern and control movement between Mexico and the United States. 
    - Link to podcast
    - Link to the series, New Books in Latino Studies

    Congratulations to Dr. McWilliams who had two articles, Black Oxygen: Suttree Reconsidered and Citizen Canine, Comrade Cow: Toward a New Kind of Animal Rights, published over the summer.

    Congratulations to the Model Arab League who was named "Academic Organization of the Year" for 2016 by the Student Organizations Council!

    Congratulations to the History Department's newest tenured faculty members!

    New Tenured Faculty
    Left to right: University President Denise Trauth, Dr. Ronald A. Johnson,
    Dr. Jessica Pliley, Dr. Jeffrey Helgeson, Dr. José Carlos de la Puente,
    Dr. Angela Murphy, Dr. John Mckiernan-González, University Provost Gene Bourgeois