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Mentor-Protégé Program


In accordance with Texas Government Code, Sections 2161.065 and Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Title 34, Chapter 20, Subchapter D, Division 1, Section 20.298, the Texas State University Mentor Protégé Program enhances the capability of historically underutilized and small business owners to compete for procurement opportunities. The program encourages relationships between prime vendors and HUBs.  The program also expands Texas State University HUB Program’s efforts to identify and respond to the developmental needs of HUBs and small businesses. The program is administered by the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing HUB Program at Texas State University. Texas State University is committed to the highest ethical standards in providing equal opportunities to all minority and women-owned businesses. The university is committed to increasing HUB participation in the procurement of all goods and services, including construction.

The mentor protégé relationship is mutually beneficial since mentors can use their protégés to fulfill HUB subcontracting plan requirements when bidding on state contracts with expected values of $100,000 or more. It is advantageous to build a partnership prior to a solicitation or contract award to establish confidence in performance.

Mentor-Protégé Program Goals:

  • Motivate and encourage mentors to provide developmental assistance to protégés
  • Maximize HUB access to Texas State University’s procurement opportunities
  • Foster long-term business relationships
  • Enhance HUBs core capabilities
  • Increase subcontracting opportunities

Benefits to Mentor:

  • Goodwill and corporate responsibility (mentors receive no financial incentive for participation)
  • Long-term relationship with a potential subcontractor
  • Develop innovative approaches and technology
  • Fulfill good faith effort requirements for solicitations by utilizing your protégé

Benefits to Protégé:

  • Business and/or financial management
  • Business planning and projections
  • Business Development
  • Long-term relationship with a prime vendor
  • Develop innovative approaches and technology
  • Develop strong business capabilities to compete and perform in state contracts

Texas State University Mentor-Protégé Program Administration and Reporting:

  1. TXST HUB Coordinator and/or HUB Specialist will oversee the program to achieve program objectives.
  2. TXST HUB Coordinator and/or HUB Specialist will review and evaluate Mentor Protégé arrangements for practicality, and accuracy of provided information.
  3. TXST HUB Coordinator and/or HUB Specialist will review annual reports to measure protégé progress against the established developmental assistance included in the approved arrangement.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the mentor to submit minutes of meeting and progress to the TXST HUB Coordinator in the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Office.  The report is to outline activities between the mentor and protégé and should include a summary of key progress made by protégés relative to their respective agreements.
  5. TXST HUB Coordinator and/or HUB Specialist will schedule a quarterly (every three months) teleconference or face-to-face meeting with Protégé to discuss status of the agreement.
  6. On an annual basis, the TXST HUB Coordinator will compile reports submitted by mentors and protégés that document progress made as a result of the agreements.  Annual program evaluation information will be collected and prepared for submission along with the agency’s supplemental letter as a component of the annual State of Texas HUB report to the State Comptroller’s Office.

Mentor-Protégé Process:

The initial sponsorship by Texas State University of the Mentor Protégé agreement will be for a period up to 24 months commencing from the date the agreement is signed by all parties, unless the agreement includes potential subcontracting opportunities that exceed this time period. The mentor and protégé may extend the agreement for any period thereafter.

The draft agreement will be submitted to the Texas State University Procurement and Strategic Sourcing- HUB Program Office for review and approval. Once the agreement is approved by the HUB Coordinator, three copies of the agreement shall be drawn.  One copy is to be retained by the mentor, one copy is to be retained by the protégé, and one copy is to be retained by the Procurement and Strategic Sourcing- HUB Program Office.

For general information about the Mentor-Protégé Program please contact our Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Office – HUB Program.