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University Purchases (Sourcing)

Texas State University

Procurement over $15,000

Purpose: In accordance with Governor Gregg Abbott's January 28, 2015 directive requiring public disclosure of all no-bid contract not statutorily required to go through a bid process.

The following table illustrates the types of contracts Texas State University uses:

Purchasing Categories       Meaning:
B - Cooperative Purchases       In accordance with Texas Government Code 2156 Subchapter D Section. 2156.181, The University may enter into purchasing agreements directly with one or more state governments, agencies of other states, or other governmental entities or may participate in, sponsor, or administer a cooperative purchasing agreement through an entity that facilitates those agreements for the purchase of goods or services if the University determines that the agreement would be in the best interest of the University. Cooperative groups that the University utilizes include but are not limited to: Texas Buy Board, DIR, Automated and Non-Automated State of Texas Contracts, and TXMAS Contracts
D - E-Procurement Catalog Purchases (TSUS Marketplace)       All catalogs used within the marketplace are provided by various co-ops that have been vetted for Texas State University use. The following contracts are used in the marketplace: BuyBoard, E&I, Choice Partners, DIR, NJPA, NIPA, Provista, TCPN, Tips/Taps, TXMAS, and US Communities.
K - Exempt Purchases       In accordance with UPPS 05.02.02, Sec 07., Sub-Section 07.01. Exempt purchases are purchases that are exempt from the competitive solicitation process. Exempt Purchase include the following: classified advertisements; conference expenses; direct publications (e.g. computer software and software maintenance which is only available directly from the publisher); exhibit space; hotels and conference rooms; internal repairs, inter-agency purchases, guest lecturers or speakers; legislative information services; bill analysis services; membership fees and dues; moving expenses (employee); newspaper and magazine subscriptions directly from the publisher; registration fees and associated books and materials; student travel (except for chartering aircraft); purchases from federal agencies; purchases from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice; purchases for TIBH; and Utilities.
P - Professional Services ($15K-$100K)       Professional Services as defined by Texas Govt Code 2254, with an annual contract amount greater than $15,000 but less $100,000.
S - Sole Source/Proprietary Purchases       Purchases specialized in the field of research and equipment. Purchases related to existing equipment. Computer software and/or computer maintenance available only through the manufacturer, Contracted Personal Services.
U - Negotiated University Contracts       Products or services that have been competitively solicited by a Request For Proposal (RFP), Invitation For Bid (IFB), or Request For Qualifications (RFQ), or CSP (Competitive Sealed Proposals).

The documents below are purchases made by Texas State University, they will be updated each Friday evening at 5:00 PM with the previous weeks information.