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Centralized Master Bidders List

For all purchases totaling $5,000 or more, buyers must show that they have taken steps to secure a Good Faith Effort in soliciting HUB vendors. A very useful tool for locating HUB vendors is the Texas Centralized Master Bidders List, which is maintained by the state of Texas and is comprised of a mailing list of vendors who are actively competing for state business opportunities. It categorizes vendors using specific commodity/service codes that describe the commodities/services sold and the state highway districts in which they choose to do business.

Click here to access the CMBL.

HUB Specialist

  • Interprets state rules and serves as knowledgeable expert on HUB compliance.
  • Works with Texas State University end users to obtain State of Texas HUB Goals.
  • Serves as liaison between Texas State University departments and HUB vendors.

Schedule an Appointment with Texas State's HUB Specialist

     Normal Business Hours:  8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday 


State of Texas HUB Goals

Texas State University has made a commitment and priority to utilize Historically Underutilitized Businesses. 
State funding is dependent upon the university meeting these State of Texas HUB goals:

                                         Heavy Construction              11.2%
                                         Building Construction           21.1%
                                         Special Trade                       32.7%
                                         Professional Services           23.6%
                                         Other Services                      24.6%
                                         Commodity Purchases          21.0%

For additional information on the State of Texas HUB program, click here.

Best Value Criteria

Procurement decisions should be made based on best value criteria. Those authorized to make purchases on behalf of the university should consider the following elements:

  • Price
  • Vendor reputation
  • Quality/Reputation of Vendor's goods and services
  • Extent the goods/services meet the need
  • Vendor's past relationship with the university
  • Impact of the ability of the university to comply with laws and rules related to HUB
  • Total long-term cost to the university in acquiring the vendor's goods or services
  • Other relevant factors that a private business entity would consider in vendor selection