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TRAVELTracks Training

Travel Assistants

In addition to the self-service and efficient travel processes, TRAVELTracks includes a Travel Assistant role for employees authorized to assist travelers.

Travel Assistants create, update, view, and save Travel Requests and Expense Reports on behalf of their travelers. Travel Requests may be submitted by Travel Assistants, however, travelers must submit their own Expense Reports to validate the reimbursement request.

Travel Assistant role designations are managed by Cabinet Officers and Academic Deans.

To obtain the Travel Assistant role:

  1. Review the Travel Request & Expense Report Instructions via the link below.
  2. Email the Travel Office to request the certification test and Employee Confidentiality Agreement (ECA).
  3. Complete and return the certification test and ECA to the Travel Office.
  4. Complete and return the SAP security form provided by the Travel Office.