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Traveler Certification Statement


The Traveler Certification Statement must be attached to any Travel e-NPO when requesting a reimbursement to the traveler. If the certification statement is not attached, the e-NPO will be rejected and the reimbursement delayed. Once rejected, you will have 14 days to attach and re-submit before the e-NPO is deleted.

Instructions: Copy and paste the following into an email (and save as a signature template for future reference). Complete the travel information and email to the traveler for approval. The traveler can simply reply back to you with “Agree” and that will be sufficient for their signature.

This email will serve as my signature and validation of the expenses on this e-NPO. I certify that the expenses are correct and have not been reimbursed to me by any other method.

The summary of the travel expenses is as follows:

Traveler Name:

Trip Number:

Dates of Travel:

Amount of Reimbursement:


Expenses:         $0.00 MEALS

                         $0.00 LODGING

                         $0.00 REGISTRATION

                         $0.00 TAXI, UBER, SHUTTLE

                         $0.00 (Break Out by Expense Type)