Toll Road Estimator (111215C)

Effective immediately the following process may be used for including toll road charges on the initial travel expense report when traveling in a personal vehicle in the State of Texas. This process does not relate to rental vehicles from Enterprise or Avis as those charges are billed directly to the University and include any toll charges incurred while driving the rental. If another vehicle rental company is used, you will have to wait for the actual toll road invoice to file for reimbursement (can be submitted using an e-NPO so as not to delay the expense report reimbursement for the other travel charges the traveler incurred). This is because there is no MapQuest required for rental vehicles with unlimited mileage. 

When traveling in Texas using a personal vehicle you can use the toll road estimator as support for expense reimbursements for toll charges incurred.  Using the toll estimator means you will not have to wait for the actual toll statement to submit the travel expense report – or process an e-NPO later if your expense report was already filed by the time you receive the invoice for the toll charges. 

Tolls are based on how far you drive and what kind of vehicle you are driving. Drivers pay a toll each time they pass through a toll plaza. The cost depends on where you get on or get off the road. Drivers also pay a toll on certain entrance and exit ramps. Drivers without a TX Tag pay 33 percent more on Loop 1, SH 45 N, SH 130, and SH 45 SE.

If you choose to use the toll estimator rather than waiting for the actual invoice, you must submit the MapQuest route that includes tolls and a copy of the toll estimator calculation screen. These will serve as adequate supporting documentation for reimbursement. 

Select one of the following links for the State of Texas toll calculator: This link gives information for all tolls areas in Texas. This link displays an interactive toll calculation method in Austin.