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Travel FAQs

1. While driving to conduct an off-campus training course, my car had a flat tire. I called AAA for assistance, but encountered a charge for their service. Can I submit that cost for reimbursement since I was on university business?

No. The university does not directly reimburse for personal vehicle maintenance or repairs.  The cost of personal vehicle maintenance and repairs are a component of the mileage reimbursement.  Accordingly, employees must personally pay for the costs such as roadside assistance and tire repairs when driving their personal vehicle on university business.

2. I was asked to attend an out of town conference and place the cost of my hotel and gas on my personal credit card. I do not have a credit card, nor do I wish to obtain one. Can my department force me to obtain a credit card?

No. The university cannot force an employee to obtain a credit card through the State of Texas Travel Charge Card Program or any other means. 

Travelers may pay for the travel charges personally and seek reimbursement, or they may use other available payment options offered by the university.  Company billed options exist for air and rental vehicle.  In some cases, company billed options are available for lodging.  Employees should contact their department's Travel Assistant for assistance determining available company billed options.

3. If I use the toll road while driving to an out of town conference, will I be reimbursed for the cost of the toll?

Yes. The university does reimburse for toll charges. The employee may use the MapQuest chart for mileage and tolls to Austin or San Antonio to see the cost for reimbursement (mileage and tolls), the TxTag Toll Calculator, or the actual toll charges once the bill has been received.