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Corporate Travel Planners

Airfare & Lodging Reservations


In conjunction with the move to Concur, the university has designated Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) as its single Travel Management Company (TMC) for direct bill airfare and lodging reservations. Business travel reservations will not have to be paid personally.

CTP uses Concur, an intuitive and user-friendly online booking tool that delivers the broadest selection of travel. Fully approved trip numbers, 4-digit alphanumeric combinations (ex. 334P), are required for all reservations. When booking itineraries through Concur, the reservation information will be submitted to CTP for final airfare ticketing, hotel reservations, and invoicing. CTP saves on departmental costs with booking fees lower than online or through a travel agent.

CTP can also be contacted directly for full-service reservations with an agent. Typically, these types of reservations involve multi-stop international travel or group travel. Each department will determine the best booking method based on their specific travel requirements.

Booking Exceptions

Corporate Travel Planners is the university's designated travel agency, through which all airfare and lodging reservations must be booked, with the exception of the following circumstances:

  • Travel reservations paid for by a third party,
  • Special conference rate lodging reservations, or
  • Reservation costs exceed departmental trip limits (check with your Account Manager), or
  • Ascot Travel ticket credit used to purchase airfare.

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  • Hotel Virtual Credit Card FAQs

    • Virtual credit cards (virtual cards) are secure, unique, single-use payment cards that can only be used for a single hotel reservation. Each card has a 16-digit number which includes the cardholder’s name, an expiration date, and three-digit CVV or security code.

      • Travelers will book a hotel online via Concur or by calling Corporate Travel Planners (CTP), the university’s Travel Management Company (TMC).
      • A virtual card is created automatically when the Concur reservation is completed.
      • Conferma Pay, connected to CTP, automatically applies the parameters required for the virtual card, such as credit limit and validity dates based on the reservation details.
      • The credit card authorization form is securely emailed/faxed to the lodging merchant at the time of booking and again two days prior to check-in.
      • The merchant accepts the card number as a ‘Cardholder Not Present’ transaction.
      • Room rate and tax only.
      • Allowed incidentals such as parking, internet, etc. up to $100.00 per day.
      • Allowance for two extra days' hotel stay if an extended stay situation arises. 
      • Recommended for virtual card users for access to a copy of the virtual card.
      • Provides hotel booking information and allows travelers to re-send virtual card authorization forms to the hotel, if necessary.
      • Register for Conferma Pay with your Texas State email ( to automatically link Concur bookings to your Conferma Pay profile and utilize the above features. Review the Conferma Pay quick guide on the Assistance Apps page for setup assistance.
    • Two days prior to check-in, contact the hotel to confirm the card authorization for your stay is on file and if any further documentation will be required.

    • Card details are available during the stay through two days after the trip end date.

      • Use the Conferma Pay mobile app to provide a copy or re-send it to the hotel.
      • Should the hotel require their own authorization, use the Conferma Pay app to access card details to complete the form.
      • Contact CTP via the below CTP Assistance options to resolve the issue.
      • Yes, you will have to provide a personal card at check-in for incidentals that can billed to the room, such as entertainment and onsite market/dining purchases.
      • The hotel will process an authorization on the personal card provided, so it is best to supply a credit card as opposed to a debit card. Note: Debit cards typically have a higher authorization hold than credit cards. 

CTP Assistance

Online Help Full-Service Reservations Group Reservations After Hours*
(877) 727-5188 (800) 523-9036 (800) 810-2695 (800) 823-6582
(210) 366-9565 (210) 530-0857
*Additional Fee Applies