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Corporate Travel Planners

Airfare & Lodging Reservations


Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) is the university's designated Travel Management Company (TMC) for direct bill airfare and lodging reservations.

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  • Online

    CTP uses Concur, an intuitive and user-friendly online booking tool which offers the broadest selection of travel.

    • Concur reservations are routed to CTP for final booking upon submittal.

    Travel Agent

    In lieu of booking online, CTP agents may be contacted directly for full-service reservation assistance.

    • This option is particularly beneficial for multi-stop international travel and/or group travel.

    Fully approved, 4-digit alphanumeric trip numbers (i.e. 334P) are required for all reservations.

    • All airfare and lodging reservations must be booked through CTP, with the exception of the following circumstances:
      • Travel reservations paid for by a third party,
      • Special conference rate lodging reservations, or
      • Reservation costs exceed departmental trip limits (check with your Account Manager).
    • Basic Economy fare is blocked from booking due to airline-imposed restrictions, which are not offset by the slight cost reduction. Restrictions may include:
      • No seat assignment at booking.
      • No access to overhead bins.
      • Only one bag allowed and must be under-seat size. 
      • Fare is non-refundable and/or non-changeable.
      • No upgrades allowed.
      • New ticket must be purchased for missed flights.
  • Hotel Virtual Credit Card FAQs

    • Virtual credit cards (virtual cards) are secure, unique, single-use payment cards that can only be used for a single hotel reservation. Each card has a 16-digit number which includes the cardholder’s name, an expiration date, and three-digit CVV or security code.

      • Travelers will book a hotel online via Concur or by calling Corporate Travel Planners (CTP), the university’s Travel Management Company (TMC).
      • A virtual card is created automatically when the Concur reservation is completed.
      • Conferma Pay, connected to CTP, automatically applies the parameters required for the virtual card, such as credit limit and validity dates based on the reservation details.
      • The credit card authorization form is securely emailed/faxed to the lodging merchant at the time of booking and again two days prior to check-in.
      • The merchant accepts the card number as a ‘Cardholder Not Present’ transaction.
      • Room rate and tax only.
      • Allowed incidentals such as parking, internet, etc. up to $100.00 per day.
      • Allowance for two extra days' hotel stay if an extended stay situation arises. 
      • Recommended for virtual card users for access to a copy of the virtual card.
      • Provides hotel booking information and allows travelers to re-send virtual card authorization forms to the hotel, if necessary.
      • Register for Conferma Pay with your Texas State email ( to automatically link Concur bookings to your Conferma Pay profile and utilize the above features. Review the Conferma Pay quick guide on the Assistance Apps page for setup assistance.
    • Two days prior to check-in, contact the hotel to confirm the card authorization for your stay is on file and if any further documentation will be required.

    • Card details are available during the stay through two days after the trip end date.

      • Use the Conferma Pay mobile app to provide a copy or re-send it to the hotel.
      • Should the hotel require their own authorization, use the Conferma Pay app to access card details to complete the form.
      • Contact CTP via the below CTP Assistance options to resolve the issue.
      • Yes, you will have to provide a personal card at check-in for incidentals that can billed to the room, such as entertainment and onsite market/dining purchases.
      • The hotel will process an authorization on the personal card provided, so it is best to supply a credit card as opposed to a debit card. Note: Debit cards typically have a higher authorization hold than credit cards. 

CTP Assistance

Online Help Full-Service Reservations Group Reservations After Hours*
(877) 208-1396 (800) 523-9036 (800) 810-2695 (800) 823-6582
(210) 366-9565 (210) 530-0857
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