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Check Pickup Process

Generally, Accounts Payable must maintain physical possession of disbursement checks and must mail them directly.  However, in certain situations, the new policy allows for faculty and staff to pick up disbursement checks.  Such authorized employees must be identified on the payment request and present identification to the Cashier’s Office at pickup.

Per policy, situations authorized for pickup include:

  • Payments to contractors such as guest artists, lecturers, and performers whose contract states payment is due on the day of the performance.
  • Payments to a hotel when payment is required at check-in. However, every effort should first be made to pay for lodging using a company billed account, Purchase Order, or personal credit card.
  • Payments to conferences, meetings, or other events when payment is due at registration.
  • Payments to businesses which require prepayment at the time of service.
  • Payments involving a release of liability handled by the Office of General Counsel.
  • Payments for purchases of real property when payment is due at closing.
  • Deposit payments for group travel airline purchases.
  • Refunds to grant sponsors for unused program funds.
  • Payments to student athletics for conference allowances.
  • Stipends for grant group participants.
  • Refunds which must include sensitive data (e.g. tax ID numbers).

Any requests outside of those authorized by policy will be considered on a case-by-case, exception basis.  Checks will not be released to university staff unless a valid reason is provided, which must be approved by the Director of Accounting or their designee.

Departments who need to mail additional or confidential information with the check may bring it to Accounts Payable to include with the payment. Department staff may seal the envelope, but Accounts Payable will maintain control of the disbursement check until it is mailed.

If a payment is required to be mailed overnight, the department should complete the courier’s airbill form to provide to Accounts Payable. For proper billing, the department's account number must be included. Accounts Payable will mail the check to the courier along with any other required information.

Please review FSS/PPS 03.12 Check Pickup Process for more information.