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Frequently Asked Questions - Who Should I Call?

Use the following list of frequently asked questions and who to call for answers to quickly find the best source to address your issues.


  1. Why wasn’t the line on my requisition approved?
  2. Where do I create a PO?
  3. What is the bottled water GL number?
  4. How do I close a line and/or a Purchase Order?
  5. Can you help me with a Contracted Services?
  6. Who do I call on a charge to GL 728600 for a KS doc type starting with a 19 doc number?
  7. When I get an Over Budget error while creating a PO requisition, who do I call for assistance? 
  8. How do I update the Vendor E-mail address?  When can this field be updated?
  9. Where do I send the Vendor Maintenance form?
  10. Who can make the changes or update vendor addresses or bank information?


  1. What is the status of my Good Receipt request?
  2. Can you help me on the Goods Receipt request input?
  3. I received a Hand Receipt from Materials Management. Do I still need to do a GR?


  1. Which types of checks go to Accounts Payable?
  2. Where do I send checks such as Financial Aid or donor checks?
  3. How can I find out if an invoice has been paid?
  4. Why isn’t the vendor paid when I submitted my Purchase Requisition?
  5. When can I use the generic vendor number?
  6. Can I pay a Volunteer or pay for a Donation?
  7. How do I attach a document in on an e-NPO?
  8. What’s the payment status on my e-NPO?
  9. Am I always required to complete the contact field on an e-NPO?  Pick Up field? 
  10. Can I use a single GL account for all my receipts on an e-NPO?
  11. When I get an Over Budget error on an e-NPO, who do I call for assistance? 
  12. Can you help me on an e-IDT for a payment correction?

TRAVEL –  or 5-2775

  1. What is the status on my travel request or expense report?
  2. What info do I need in order to request airfare reservations?
  3. When I get an Over Budget error for travel expenses, who I call for assistance? 


  1. Can you help me on an e-IDT for departmental expense transfers?
  2. What do I need to do to change the Account Manager on an account?
  3. How do I request a new account?