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Accounts Payable

Welcome to Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable Office is responsible for providing administrative and fiscal support to the campus community and its vendors. The Accounts Payable Office operates in compliance with campus and TSUS policies, as well as state and federal regulations. Some of the services provided by the Accounts Payable Office include:

  • Processing of payments to vendors for goods and services rendered
  • Processing of non-payroll reimbursements to university employees
  • Handling accounting system functions pertaining to payables
  • Maintenance of proper accounting documentation on all voucher transactions
  • Coordination of the university's travel management program

For general inquiries, please call (512) 245-2777.

In accordance with Texas Education Code Section 51.9741, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts Online State Expenditure Database may be accessed to provide information on payment drawn from money appropriated from the state general revenue fund or received as student tuition or fee payments.

Announcements & Updates

The Accounts Payable Office utilizes both an RSS feed and an announcements webpage to keep the campus community informed of changes in a timely manner.  We encourage all campus users involved in initiating payments to subscribe to the RSS feed so that you automatically receive updates to the page.  Instructions for signup are found here:  /accounts-payable/resources/How-to-Add-an-RSS-Feed.html  Additionally, announcements may be accessed on the following webpage:

FS Updates Meeting Presentations and Q&A

   Meeting Follow-Up Questions

If an employee needs preferred seating due to health or physical requirements, can the expense be reimbursed?


If an employee/traveler will incur a charge for an expense not covered by university policy/procedure, additional documentation and pre-approval are required.  Examples of these types of expenses include:

·         Fare other than Coach Class

·         Preferential Seating

·         Fare for more than one seat per traveler

·         Priority or Early Check-In Fees

·         Passport fee unless attendance is required.


The employee/traveler must document the rationale for the expense and obtain approval from their Cabinet Officer. Cabinet Officers must obtain approval from the President   The approved document must be attached to the travel request or expense report depending on the method of payment (company paid = requests; personally paid = expense report).