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Texas State University

Previous Freeman Fellows Scholarship Awardees

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    • Emma Guest, Biology: “Evaluating Species-Specific Acoustic Response of Bats to Ultrasonic Acoustic Deterrent Stimuli”
    • Dawn Houston, Biology: “Analysis of Riparian and Upland Habitats of Stopover Sites for Migratory Songs in Central Texas”
    • Petra Banks, Forensic Anthropology: Analysis on the effects of trauma associated with blast events
    • Hunter Eichman, Agriculture
    • Brittany Stamps, Biology
    • Joseph Plappert, Biology
    • Rebekah Rylander, Biology
    • Stephan Harding, Biology
    • Trixie Wetmore, Agriculture
    • Hailey Collord-Stalder, Anthropology
    • Charles Hoitt, Agriculture
    • Katherine L. Bell, Biology
    • Rebekah J. Rylander, Biology
    • Ethan L. Roberts, Geography