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Texas State University

Freeman Fellows Scholarship

This scholarship is based on a generous gift by Mr. George Strait to Texas State University and recognizes outstanding full-time graduate students enrolled in geography, agriculture, anthropology, or biology whose research involves the Freeman Center.

As part of the larger effort to increase the research support mission of the Freeman Center at Texas State University we are pleased offer the Freeman Fellows Graduate Research Fellowship Award.

The Freeman Fellows awards are intended to support Texas State graduate students (MS and PhD) in the Departments of Agriculture, Anthropology (Forensic), Biology and Geography who will conduct research projects on the Freeman Center property that are related to their thesis or dissertation.

The amount of the fellowship may vary during each year but are to be used for supplies to support the research project or to support educational costs of the students.  Ideally, one award will be made to a student from each department listed above, but ultimately, proposals with well-developed and clearly presented research goals and plans will be selected.

To apply, submit via email the following information as a single pdf file to Stacey Allbritton, Freeman Center Coordinator at

Application materials must include in order of presentation:

  1. A Cover letter

  2. A proposal narrative that clearly outlines the following: 1) the research question or problem, 2) experimental methodology, 3) data collection and analysis, 4) up to 5 key literature citations (single-spaced) and 5) how the project relates to the students’ thesis or dissertation. The narrative should be no more than 5-pages in length including literature citations, double spaced, with one-inch margins and font size no less than 11 point.

  3. A curriculum vitae or resume

  4. An unofficial graduate transcript (if no graduate record exists, then submit an unofficial undergraduate transcript)

  5. A letter of support from the applicant’s faculty thesis or dissertation advisor

  6. A budget is also advised but not required

Evaluation of the proposals will be based on intellectual merit and the overall quality of the proposal and the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The Freeman Fellows Graduate Research Fellowships are one-time awards and will be awarded during the Spring semester.


Any questions should be directed to Dr. Michael Blanda, Assistant Vice President for Research at .

Freeman Fellows Scholarship 2020

  • Emma Guest, Biology: “Evaluating Species-Specific Acoustic Response of Bats to Ultrasonic Acoustic Deterrent Stimuli”
  • Dawn Houston, Biology: “Analysis of Riparian and Upland Habitats of Stopover Sites for Migratory Songs in Central Texas”
  • Petra Banks, Forensic Anthropology: Analysis on the effects of trauma associated with blast events

Congratulations everyone.