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Election Information

Elections for the 63rd Faculty Senate (2021-2022) have been completed, and faculty have been elected to senate seats in the following colleges:

    College of Applied Arts: Michael Supancic, Criminal Justice and Criminology
    College of Fine Arts and Communication: Lynn Ledbetter, Music
    College of Liberal Arts: Peter Dedek, History and Jennifer Jensen, Geography
    College of Science and Engineering: Rachel Davenport, Biology

We would like to thank Vince Luizzi, who has completed his term of service for the College of Liberal Arts. He has served in this seat since May 2016. We also appreciate all candidates who agreed to appear on the ballot for their willingness to serve.


From the Faculty Constitution:


A. No later than the first Friday of March of each year, the Senate shall offer faculty members eligible to serve on the Senate the opportunity to remove their individual names from the ballot.  The Senate will consider that those who do not remove their names have consented to be listed on the ballot and to serve if elected to the Senate.

B. The Senate will then prepare a ballot for each college to be distributed to faculty voters. These ballots shall list the names of the faculty members eligible to serve on the Senate who have consented to stand for election. A candidate receiving a majority of votes will be considered elected. If there is no majority, within five business days the election committee will distribute a second ballot listing those receiving the highest number of votes in the first round. The total number of nominees will be twice the number of vacancies. In the event of a tie for the last place, those in the tie shall be listed.

C. The Faculty Senate is empowered to make the determination for a place on the Senate should a final vote result in a tie.

D. If a person elected to the Senate is unable to serve, the candidate with the next highest number of votes shall be declared elected.

E. After the Senate's certification of the results of the elections, the Senate shall elect the Chair and Vice Chair by majority vote.  The Senate may also elect a Secretary and other officers.

F. The term of office for Senate members shall be three calendar years with the term beginning and ending in May.