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Sept 19, 2007 Minutes

Members present:

Senators Bond, Feakes, Hazlewood, Hindson, McGee, McKinney, Meek, Melzer, Ogletree, Shah, Wiley, Wilson, Winek

Guests: Dir of HR, John McBride; Asst Dir of HR, Floyd Quinn; Scott Thomas, University Star

Meeting called to order at 4:00.


PPS 4.12, Classroom and Teaching Theatre Scheduling: Some minor typos were offered as corrections, but no general concerns were raised regarding the PPS.


Senate/Liaison Meeting Agenda:  The Senate considered agenda items for the joint meeting of the Senate and the Senate Liaisons for October 3rd.  Topics that were raised were:

1.        Proper feedback from deans regarding chair evaluations.

2.        Service issues for Tenure-Track faculty.

3.        Start-up clause in new faculty contracts.

4.        Printing issues.

5.        Selection of departmental interim chairs.

6.        Budget issues.

Vice Chair Feakes will work the ideas into a proper agenda.


Drug & Alcohol UPPS Draft 04.04.xx:  There are still serious concerns with regard to the current revision of the draft UPPS 04.04.xx.  There were many concerns mentioned; for example:

  1. What is the motivation for doing such an extensive policy statement when such specificity is not required?
  2. What is the actual history of substance abuse at this institution that warrants such an explicit policy?
  3. Where do drug test records go, where are they stored, and for how long?
  4. Where is the due process statement for an employee who refuses a test or disputes test results?

John McBride, Directory of HR, and Floyd Quinn, Asst. Director of HR, discussed development and rationale for the current draft.  After that discussion, it was decided that there are still serious concerns with regard to the draft UPPS; and Dir McBride and the University Attorney, Bill Fly, will be invited to the next Senate meeting to discuss those concerns and a possible revision based on the drug/alcohol policy statement used at Texas Tech University.


Info Items:

ยท         UCC Report: The University Curriculum Committee reported that it reviewed new course additions (132) and course deletions (84) last week.


Minutes:  Minutes for 09/12/07 were approved as amended.