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Dec 12, 2001 Minutes


Approved Senate Minutes

December 12, 2001

Senators Present: Carns, Stutzman, Brennan, Hindson, Stimmel, Blevens, Blanda, Hays, Stone, Pascoe (for Peeler), Renick

Senators Absent:  McKinney, Gillis, Sawey

Guests:  Marianne Reese, Council of Chairs Rep., Diana Hunter

Meeting was gaveled to order by chair Renick at 4:00 pm.

Dr. Hunter, chair of the University Research Committee, presented the results of the deliberations of said committee concerning this semester's round of Research Enhancement Grant proposals.  She commented that the proposals were generally strong but there was a limited amount of money available and so many were not funded.  A few were not considered for funding because of formatting or other procedural errors.  There was some discussion by the Senate concerning how the proposals from the various Colleges were ranked (A College Research Committee ranks the proposals from each College.).  There continues to be concern that all Colleges and all types of research proposals are given fair consideration.  The Senate was assured that all possible steps had been taken to be sure that all proposals were given serious consideration.  Senator Blanda reminded the Senate that a new evaluation protocol is being instituted in the next cycle of Research Enhancement Grant applications.  This new process should insure even greater objectivity.  Senator Stone moved and Hays seconded a motion to accept the University Research Committee recommendations.  The motion passed, 8 for with 2 abstentions.

Chair Renick announced that the new Post Tenure Review Committee, promised by the VPAA, has been appointed and will begin meeting soon.  Its purpose is to review the Post Tenure Review process to determine ways to ensure that faculty rights and needs are being addressed throughout the process.   It is hoped that this can become a positive process that encourages faculty development rather than a negative process that seems to seek dismissal.  Stay tuned for further reports on the activities of this committee.  Although there is a certain amount of cynicism
among Senators there is also hope that the process can be improved.

Chair Renick also announced that the Presidential Search Committee will meet as a whole for the first time on Dec. 14, 2001, on the swTSU campus.  There was some discussion about how best to get some input from the general faculty concerning what might be the most important characteristics to look for in a new president.  Please watch your mail boxes and your computer for opportunities to give the Senate your ideas and input.

The Senate evaluations of the VPAA and the President are coming in and it looks like we will have a high rate of return.  We look forward to sharing the results with the Faculty next semester.

The Minutes of Nov. 28, 2001, and Dec. 5, 2001 were approved.

Meeting was adjourned at 4:40 pm.

Minutes ebulliently submitted by Joan Hays (After all, its the holiday season and it was a blessedly short meeting!)