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Sept 13, 2000 Minutes

Senators present: J Hays, O. Renick, R. Sawey, B. Peeper, M. Gillis, W. Stone, M. Blanda,

F. Blevens, T. Stimmel, E. Skerpan-Wheeler, A. McKinney, M. Brennan, J. Stutzman

Guests:  Dr. Van Wyatt, Margaret Vavarek, Michael England

The chair called the meeting to order at 4:00.  The senators heard a
presentation by Dr. Wyatt.  The presentation focused on answers to
questions submitted by senators, and emphasized the challenges of
working in a "resource-limited institution."

Topics covered included:

1.  Modem pool:  The pool has been increased from 288 to 576 lines.

2.  TIF (Texas Infrastructure Fund) grant:  We received one at the maximum level.  It will enable us to increase bandwidth, although we cannot get it turned on yet; improve the library cataloguing system and increase the number of T-ports; upgrade the web course management server; improve the ITV system (although Dr. Wyatt thinks this is not the best use of funds); and begin a prototype electronic reserves system in the library.

3.  CUFS:  this is a serious problem and will be changing.  [note:  I really didn't understand what this was, other than our current accounting and finance system;  what does CUFS stand for?]

4.  Academic advising:  There is a project underway to get a common system.  The School of Education will be first to get it.  There is also another project to consolidate access to other information.

5.  How are librarians to be viewed (academic staff or faculty)?  Dr. Wyatt has no opinion on this:  it's up to the senate.

6.  E-mail monitoring:  Dr. Wyatt reminded the senate that no e-mail on a university server is truly private. However, the VPIT staff has no plans to monitor  e-mail.  Dr. Wyatt says the university should develop and post a privacy policy.

7.  Domain names on servers:  Dr. Wyatt has no philosophical problems with co-mingling some .org domain names.

8.  Student domain accounts:  students must have these to get authentication so that the university may monitor proper use of university property.

9.  Mailing lists:  there's a problem because there has been no one officially in charge of updating mailing lists/listservers.

10.  Problem/resolution center:  we've just hired a full-time help desk coordinator and are hiring one more.

11.  Authentication:  we should have it later this fall.

New Business:

The senate considered possible nominees for the Athletic Advisory Committee and the Committee on Committees.

The senate approved allowing R. Jon McGee to take his developmental leave in Fall 2001 instead of Spring 2001, as originally granted.

Minutes were approved as amended.

The meeting adjourned at 6:02.

Respectfully submitted,

Elizabeth Skerpan-Wheeler