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Faculty Senate

During the week of July 13 - 20, 2020, Faculty Senate surveyed faculty regarding your perceptions and concerns related to the University’s Roadmap to Return.

Here are the final results. While specific comments have not been included for reasons of confidentiality, comments were coded into general categories, which are included in this report.

For information regarding campus closures, see the University's COVID-19 Resources page.

The Faculty Senate has adopted a Resolution in Support of Division of Information Technology, Office of Distance Learning, and Faculty Development to commend staff for their timely preparation and extraordinary response in abruptly shifting all classes to remote learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Faculty Senate recognizes, thanks, and appreciates the dedication, professionalism, and patience bestowed upon faculty and students during this emergent situation.

The Faculty Senate has adopted a Resolution in Support of Affordable Learning Materials that reaffirms the academic freedom of faculty to choose appropriate instructional materials for their students; and supports and encourages Texas State faculty to consider using high quality, low cost or no cost, accessible instructional material alternatives including open educational resources.

2020 - 2021 Goal/Theme:  Advocating for Justice and Transformation

The Senate will prioritize and actively seek efforts to advocate for justice and transformation on our campus, with an emphasis on the following initiatives.

  • Empower faculty to effectively manage challenges that arise in the classroom.
  • Support, highlight, and advocate for faculty research that addresses issues of justice and transformation in the community.
  • Explore and promote discussion of the intersection between diversity/inclusion and representative democracy.
  • Advocate for the adoption of a formal, robust, and progressive career path for nontenure line faculty.

The December Bulletin includes the following topics:

  • Part-Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Academic Freedom Corner
  • Mass Vaccination Planning Work Group
  • Faculty Development Leave and Nontenure Line Faculty Workload Release Recommendations
  • Encouraging Academic Honesty
  • Naming Task Force
  • TXST Monarch Center
  • TRIO McNair Program