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Faculty Senate

62nd Faculty Senate, 2020 - 2021

Zoom Meeting photo of 62nd Faculty Senate

Elections for the 63rd Faculty Senate (2021-2022) have been completed, and faculty have been elected to senate seats in the following colleges:

    College of Applied Arts: Michael Supancic, Criminal Justice and Criminology
    College of Fine Arts and Communication: Lynn Ledbetter, Music
    College of Liberal Arts: Peter Dedek, History and Jennifer Jensen, Geography
    College of Science and Engineering: Rachel Davenport, Biology

We would like to thank Vince Luizzi, who has completed his term of service for the College of Liberal Arts. He has served in this seat since May 2016. We also appreciate all candidates who agreed to appear on the ballot for their willingness to serve.

For information regarding campus closures, see the University's COVID-19 Resources page.

2020 - 2021 Goal/Theme:  Advocating for Justice and Transformation

The Senate will prioritize and actively seek efforts to advocate for justice and transformation on our campus, with an emphasis on the following initiatives.

  • Empower faculty to effectively manage challenges that arise in the classroom.
  • Support, highlight, and advocate for faculty research that addresses issues of justice and transformation in the community.
  • Explore and promote discussion of the intersection between diversity/inclusion and representative democracy.
  • Advocate for the adoption of a formal, robust, and progressive career path for nontenure line faculty.

2020 - 2021 Accomplishments

•    Reviewed and endorsed awards related to the following peer review processes:  Research Enhancement Grants, Nontenure Line Faculty Workload Release, University Lecturers Series, Part-Time Faculty Teaching Awards, and the Piper Professor and Everette Swinney Teaching Awards.  

•    Reviewed 65 Academic Affairs and University Policy and Procedure statements.

•    Contributed to efforts to enhance environmental sustainability on campus by supporting Dr. Tina Cade's 2020-2021 Senate Fellow project to create an environmental sustainability "road map," including a list of steps the university and its members can take to improve sustainability.

•    Cosponsored the Academic Freedom Committee and Philosophy Dialogue Series.

•    Endorsed required diversity training for faculty hiring, faculty enrichment, and department participation.

•    Distributed two surveys to faculty to ensure our collective concerns and voices were heard regarding personal health, safety, and course modality options during the pandemic.

•    Continued to work on drafts of the NLF Teaching Faculty Appointments and Personnel Committee policies and finalized the Academic Freedom policy.

•    Advocated for an additional year's tolling of the tenure clock.

•    Advocated for early semester updates from the Registrar to notify faculty of students who add/drop courses prior to census day.

•    Participated in Restorative Justice sessions.

•    Prepared and submitted recommendations to improve faculty morale to university administration.

During the week of July 13 - 20, 2020, Faculty Senate surveyed faculty regarding your perceptions and concerns related to the University’s Roadmap to Return.

Here are the final results. While specific comments have not been included for reasons of confidentiality, comments were coded into general categories, which are included in this report.

The Summer Bulletin includes the following topics:

  • Summer Meeting Dates
  • 2020-2021 Faculty Senate Accomplishments
  • Faculty Perceptions of Academic Administrators
  • Fall Application Due Dates
  • Faculty Senate Fellow
  • Green Cat Challenge Awards
  • DEIA Task Force