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Faculty Senate

61st Faculty Senate, 2019-2020

photo of 2019-2020 faculty senators
David Nolan (Secretary), Nicole Wesley, Stan McClellan, Rebecca Bell-Metereau, Rachel Davenport, Janet Bezner (Chair), Lynn Ledbetter, Ben Martin, Vince Luizzi, Michael Supancic, Jesse Gainer, Natalie Ceballos (Vice Chair), Jennifer Jensen, Diego Vacaflores, Lyn Litchke

2019 - 2020 Goal/Theme:  Diversity and Inclusion


The Senate will prioritize and participate in efforts to enhance diversity and inclusion on our campus, with an emphasis on the following initiatives.

  1. Increase the competence and confidence of faculty to manage issues of diversity and inclusion in the classroom.
    1. Supports Texas State University 2017 - 2023 University Plan, Goal 1: Promote the success of all students, Objective:  Prepare all students to achieve their career goals and make positive and meaningful contributions as they interact in a diverse and increasingly global society through an inclusive program of learning and engagement, rich with diverse perspectives.
  1. Contribute to the recruitment and retention of diverse faculty.
    1. Supports Texas State University 2017 - 2023 University Plan, Goal 4: Provide the necessary services, resources, and infrastructure to support the university‚Äôs strategic direction, Objective:  Plan and implement programs to help improve faculty and staff recruitment, hiring, and retention in order to support a highly qualified, diverse, motivated, and satisfied workforce.
  1. Explore and promote discussion of the intersection between diversity/inclusion and democracy.
  1. Identify a more robust labeling system for courses/syllabi to standardize and highlight elements of diversity and inclusion that are included in Texas State courses.
  1. Support the development of a more formal and robust career path for non-tenure line faculty.

The December Bulletin includes the following topics:

  • Part-Time Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Toolkit and Best Practices for Inclusive Excellence in Faculty Hiring and Retention
  • University Lecturers Series
  • Diversity and Inclusion and Certificate Program