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Program Calendar

AY 2020-2021 Annual Program Calendar

The 2020-2021 Annual Program Calendar is for programs to be effective fall 2021.

AY 2020-2021 Program Calendar

Month Deadline Action
Year round   Faculty develop additions, changes, and deletions for academic programs to be effective fall 2021 in the Program Inventory Management (PIM) system.
    Faculty access in PIM system is year round
December 12/1/20 Deadline for fall 2021 adds/changes/deletes due in PIM system
  12/4/20 Curriculum Office develops list of fall 2021 program additions, changes, and deletions
  12/16/20 Deadline for Department Chairs/School Directors review
January 1/31/21 Deadline for College Curriculum Committees review
February 2/15/21 Deadline for College Councils review
  2/22/21 Deadline for College Deans review
March 3/2/21 Deadline for Graduate Dean review
  3/16/21 Deadline for Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs review
  3/16/21 Catalog edits begin for completed proposals through AVPAA review
  3/20/21 Deadline for University Curriculum Committee review*
April 4/1/21 Deadline for Faculty Senate review*
  4/15/21 Deadline for Council of Academic Deans review*
  4/16/21 Deadline for Provost review*
  4/17/21 Deadline for President review*
May 5/1/21 Catalog published for fall 2021
  5/21/21 Regents meeting review*
June 6/1/21 Coordinating Board review*
Program proposals for the following actions require additional review steps beyond the AVPAA: addition and/or deletion of major, change in administrative unit, change in degree title and/or major title, change in SCH. See AAPPS 02.01.10 for more details.