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Aleyda Gonzalez Mckiernan Undergraduate Essay Prize Submissions

Guidelines and Criteria
This essay does not need to be an original essay. It can be something already submitted to another class. Essay submissions will be ranked by their contribution to Southwestern Studies; quality of evidence; quality of  analysis or research methods; engaging narrative; and a contribution to a more cross-border understanding of the Southwest—the Southwest defined as Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, southern California, southern Nevada, parts of Oklahoma, and Northern Mexico.

Finalists and the prize-winner will be asked to share their work at the Center for the Study of the Southwest in early May.

Eligibility and Criteria Include:

  • Being a full-time Texas State undergraduate student;
  • Having a 2.99 overall Texas State GPA;
  • Submitting all required attachments before 5pm on April 17, 2020.

 Required Attachments (must be PDF or MS Word documents)

  • An essay that meets the following criteria:
    • Double spaced with 11 or 12 point font;
    • Must be a minimum of 10 pages (not counting works cited/bibliography, cover page, and statement of purpose);
    • Must follow either Chicago Manual of Style or MLA citation formatting;
    • Cover page must include essay title, student’s name, and student’s AO number.
  • A statement of purpose no longer than one page in length explaining why the essay matters to the Southwest; and
  • A copy of the applicant’s transcript