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Dr. John Mckiernan-González

Dr. John Mckiernan-GonzalezDirector

Dr. Mckiernan-González holds a Ph.D. in U.S. history from the University of Michigan.  His teaching interests include borderlands and Mexican American history, and he has published widely in the field, with much of his scholarship focused on issues of public health and race/ethnicity.  His work includes Fevered Measures: Public Health and Race at the Texas-Mexico Border, 1848-1942 (Duke University Press) and a co-edited collection, Making Race, Making Health: Race, Medicine and Public Health in Historical Perspective (University of Minnesota Press).  He is currently at work on a monograph exploring the obstacles confronted by people of color in the medical profession, both in the Southwest and in the U.S. more broadly.  Dr. Mckiernan-González also has produced a large body of intellectual work in various non-traditional genres and formats, including digital scholarship, public history projects, reports, and online publications.