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Staff and Faculty

Center for the Study of the Southwest

Tammy Gonzales Photograph, 2018Tammy Gonzales
Program Coordinator

The following Texas State faculty members have research and teaching interests in Southwestern Studies:

Yasmine Beale-Rosano-Rivaya (Professor of Modern Languages). Ph.D.

Rebecca Bell-Metereau (Professor of English). Ph.D.

Steve Black (Assistant Professor of Archeology). Ph.D.

Britt Bousman (Director, Center for Archaeological Studies, Assistant Professor of Anthropology). Ph.D.

Carolyn Boyd (Director, SHUMLA School). Ph.D.

Brock Brown (Associate Professor of Geography). Ph.D.

Karen Brown (Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Children and Families). Ph.D.

Mark Busby (Professor of English). Ph.D.

Robin Cohen (Assistant Professor of English). Ph.D.

Lynn Denton (Clinical Associate Professor of History). Ph.D.

James Garber (Professor of Anthropology). Ph.D.

Paul Hart (Associate Professor of History). Ph.D.

Gary Hartman (Director, Center for Texas Music History, Associate Professor of History). Ph.D.

Dick Heaberlin (Professor of English). Ph.D.

Ana Juarez (Associate Professor of Anthropology ). Ph.D.

Deirdre Lannon Albrecht (Senior Lecturer in History).

David Lemke (Professor of Biology). Ph.D.

John Mckiernan-González (Assistant Professor of History). Ph.D.

Jason Mellard (Lecture in History). Ph.D.

Cynthia Opheim (Professor of Political Science). Ph.D.

F. Kent Reilly (Director, Center for the Study of Arts and Symbolism of Ancient America, Professor of Anthropology). Ph.D.

Joaquín Rivaya-Martínez (Associate Professor of History). Ph.D.

Willard B. Stouffer, Jr. (Professor of Political Science). Ph.D.

Sharon E. Ugalde (Professor of Modern Languages). Ph.D.

Dan Utley (Center for Texas Public History). Ph.D.

Dwight Watson (Associate Professor of History). Ph.D.