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Southwestern Studies Minor

The Center for the Study of the Southwest offers an 18-hour minor in Southwestern Studies. The program engages the richness and diversity of the Southwestern United States and Northern Mexico and gives focus to intercultural studies through examination of the region's people, institutions, history, and physical and cultural ecology.

An intercultural, interdisciplinary approach increases awareness of and sensitivity to the diversity of ethnic and cultural traditions in the area. Students examine the images, myths, and perceptions of the region in light of historic records. Students also discover the physical and cultural characteristics that distinguish the Southwest from other regions of the United States.

Southwestern Studies minors are eligible for the Macaluso Scholarship, awarded annually. More information can be found on the Macaluso Scholarship page.

Core Curriculum

Two core courses in Southwestern Studies provide the foundation for further in-depth study of the Southwest in specific fields such as literature, history, geography, art, music, biology, and many others:

3345 - Southwestern Studies I: Defining the Region
3346 - Southwestern Studies II: Consequences of Region

These two courses provide the basis for a broad interdisciplinary survey of geophysical, cultural, social, literary, and political history of the Southwest, emphasizing regional and ethnic expressions of culture in architecture, art, literature, philosophy, politics, popular culture, religion, science, and technology.

Elective Courses

After taking these two required courses, students choose the remaining 12 semester hours from the following courses:

2421 - Range, Forage, and Pasture Crops

3314 - Latin American Cultures
3315 - Archaeology of the Southwest
3324 - Mexican American Culture
3331A - North American Indians
3331C - Indians of the Southwest
3345 - Archaeology of Mexico
3350 - Sex Roles

Art History
3302 - History of American Art
3304 - The American West
4303 - Pre-Columbian Art

3460 - Aquatic Biology
4410 - Field Biology of Plants
4421 - Ornithology
4422 - Mammalogy

Curriculum and Instruction
3332 - Foundations of Bilingual Education

3309 - The Southwest in Film
4325 - Literature of the Southwest

Finance and Economics
BLAW 3363* - International Business Law
*When taught with a regional focus as determined by the course syllabus.

3308 - Latin America
3329 - Geography of Texas
4313 - Environmental Management

3320 - History of Mexico
3325 - Selected Topics in Latin American History
3327 - History of Mexico to 1848
3329 - Spanish Borderlands
3353 - The Greater Southwest
3372 - Texas History: A Survey
4372 - Mexican American History
4376 - The History of Texas Music

3305 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature
3306 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature
3371 - Spanish-American Civilization
4350 - Latin American Novel and Film
4370 - Hispanic Literature of the Southwest

Political Science
4331 - Minority Politics
4338 - Government and Politics of Latin America
4358 - United States-Latin American Relations

3327 - Multicultural Relations
3337 - The Family
3366 - Folkways and Folklore: An Introduction

Social Work
4310 - Social Services to Minorities