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2421 - Range Forage and Pasture Crops. (3-2)
Production, utilization and management of major range and forage plants in production systems that will meet the nutritional needs of both wild and domestic animals on a sustained basis.

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3314 - Latin American Cultures. (3-0)
An examination of Latin American cultures with an emphasis on pre-Columbian and contemporary indigenous peoples of Mexico.

3315 - Archaeology of the Southwest. (3-0)
An examination of the prehistory and early cultures of the Greater Southwest from the first arrival of humans as early as 20,000 years ago to the coming of the Spaniards in the 16th century. The course covers several mammoth kill sites at the end of the Pleistocene; the emergence of Archaic hunters and gatherers and the appearance of agriculture about two thousand years ago, leading to the three major cultures in the southwest - the Mogollon, the Hohokam and the Anasazi, the last in multistoried pueblos and cliff dwellings.

3324 - Mexican American Culture. (3-0)
An examination of the history and culture of Mexican Americans with an emphasis on the analytical concepts of culture, race, class, and gender. Lectures, films, and selected readings (including chapters from anthropological and literary books and journals) will be used to portray the diversity of Mexican American experiences in this country. Topics include religion, politics, economy, identity politics, popular culture, sexuality, marriage and the family.

3331A - North American Indians. (3-0)
A study of several of the many societies of North American Indians. This course will examine the prehistoric development of Native American culture with special emphasis on art and religion as well as the cultural mechanisms through which Native Americans deal with non-Native American contemporary social and political developments.

3331C - Indians of the Southwest. (3-0)
A survey of the life and cultural patterns of Indian groups in the greater Southwest before and after Spanish and American contact.

3345 - Archaeology of Mexico. (3-0)
This course examines the development of culture from early hunters and gatherers through the appearance of agriculture to the rise of civilization. The focus on the course is on the emergence of complex society among groups such as the Olmec, Aztec, and Maya.

3350 - Sex Roles. (3-0)
This course examines the relationships between women and men in societies around the world. Course topics include the socialization of gender roles, the ritual creation of gender, beliefs about sexuality, and sexual violence with an emphasis on crosscultural examples.

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Art History

(WI) 3302 - History of American Art. (3-0)
A broad survey of the history of American art from 1700 to the present.

(WI) 3304 -The American West. (3-0)
An interdisciplinary study of the images and visions of the American West through a variety of art media.

(WI) 4303 Pre-Columbian Art. (3-0)
A survey of the art of Pre-Columbian sites and cultures, from pre-history to the European conquest. Provides background to the development of art in Mexico, Central, South and North America.

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(WI) - 3460 Aquatic Biology. (3-3)
An introduction to plant and animal life in the fresh water habitats of the local area. Prerequisites: BIO 2411 and 2450 and one year of Chemistry.

4410 - Field Biology of Plants. (3-3)
Ecological relationships and natural history of plants, including historical geology, geography, soils, vegetational regions and surface geology of central Texas. Emphasis is placed on plant-soil-water relationships to develop conservation concepts. Students will make a representative collection of plants. Prerequisites: BIO 2450.

4421 - Ornithology. (3-3)
Introduction to anatomy, behavior, ecology and identification of birds of Texas. Laboratory will emphasize field studies of birds and their habitat requirements. Prerequisites: BIO 2411 and 2450.

4422 - Mammalogy. (3-3)
The taxonomy, distribution, ecology, behavior and evolution of mammals with particular emphasis on wild animals of the southwest. Laboratory will emphasize anatomy, identification, preparation of specimens and field exercises in the methods of population analysis. Prerequisites: BIO 2411 and 2450; BIO 4416 is recommended.

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Curriculum and Instruction

3332 - Foundations of Bilingual Education. (3-0)
The rationale, history, and philosophy of bilingual education, planning for the provision of the cultural, motivational, and self-concept influences that mediate the learning process of the limited English proficiency pupil in the elementary classroom. Prerequisite: 2.5 Texas State GPA.

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(WI) 3309 - The Southwest in Film. (3-0)
A survey of films of the Southwest, emphasizing the history and cultural diversity of the region as represented on screen.

(WI) 3345 - Southwestern Studies I: Defining the Region. (3-0)
The first of two courses in a broad interdisciplinary survey of geophysical, cultural, social, literary, and political history of the Southwest that emphasizes regional and ethnic expressions of culture in architecture, art, economics, law, literature, philosophy and politics.

(WI) 3346 - Southwestern Studies II: Consequences of Region. (3-0)
The second of a twocourse sequence in a broad interdisciplinary survey of geophysical, cultural, social, literary, and political history of the Southwest, emphasizing regional and ethnic expressions of culture in architecture, art, economics, law, literature, philosophy, politics, popular culture, religion, social science, and technology.

(WI) 4325 - Literature of the Southwest. (3-0)
The literature of Texas and the surrounding territory; various types of non-fiction prose, fiction, and poetry.

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Finance and Economics

BLAW3363* - International Business Law
This course studies the principles of international business law which emphasizes the commercial activities of the multinational firm conducting business in global economic, political, social and cultural environments.
*When taught with a regional focus as determined by the course syllabus.

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3308 - Latin America. (3-0)
A regional survey of the physical and cultural geography of Latin America.

3329 - Geography of Texas. (3-0)
A physical and cultural geography of Texas with special emphasis on human resources and economic activities.

4306 - Geography of the Southwest. (3-0)
Though primarily defined by aridity, the southwestern United States is extremely diverse in its environments and its people. This course explores how people have related to this land. This course also examines current issues and future trends in natural resources and cultural processes in the region.

(WI) 4313 - Environmental Management. (3-0)
An analysis of the major causes of environmental deterioration together with the basic strategies of dealing with these problems. Prerequisite: Geography 2410 or equivalent.

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(WI) 3320 - History of Mexico. (3-0)
A survey of the national period of Mexican history from the independence movement to the present.

(WI) 3325 - Selected Topics in Latin American History. (3-0)
A study of various subjects or problems in Latin American history. Topics and instructors will vary from semester to semester.

(WI) 3327 History of Mexico to 1848. (3-0)
A survey of Mexico from prehistoric times to the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.

(WI) 3329 - Spanish Borderlands, 1521-1821. (3-0)
A survey of the social, economic and political development of the frontier regions of Spain?s empire in North America.

(WI) 3353 - The Greater Southwest. (3-0)
A general examination of the region including Texas, California, and the states dominated geographically by the Great Basin, the Southern Rockies, and the Sonoran Desert, from the earliest European contacts to the present.

(WI) 3372 - Texas History: A Survey. (3-0)
A one-semester survey of Texas History which will emphasize political, economic and social development from prehistory to the twentieth century.

(WI) 4372 - Mexican American History. (3-0)
A survey of the political, economic, and social-cultural role of the Mexican-American in United States from the era of Spanish colonization to the present.

(WI) 4376 - The History of Texas Music. (3-0)
Examination of the evolution of music in Texas and the American Southwest, emphasizing how music reflects the richly diverse ethnic and cultural heritage of the region. It also considers the importance of ethnic identity and other social, political, and economic factors in shaping the Southwest, its people, and its music.

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(WI) 3305 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature. (3-0)
A study of Spanish-American literature from the colonial period to 1880 and its antecedents in Spain. Prerequisite: Spanish 3308.

(WI) 3306 - Survey of Spanish-American Literature. (3-0)
A study of Spanish-American literature from 1880 to the present and its antecedents in Spain. Prerequisite: Spanish 3308.

(WI) 3371 - Spanish-American Civilization. (3-0)
Lectures and extensive readings of the cultural institutions of the peoples of Spanish-America and the Mexican-Americans of the United States geared to provide a background for a better understanding of both groups and their literature. Prerequisite: Spanish3308.

4350 - Latin American Novel and Film. (3-0)
Comparative study of the relationships between literary texts and their cinematographic counterparts in Latin American novels and their film adaptations. Prerequisite: Spanish 3308.

4370 Hispanic Literature of the Southwest: Space and Images. (3-0)
The study of the Hispanic literature of the Southwest in order to have a better understanding of the cultural diversity of the region. Prerequisite: Spanish 3308.

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Political Science

(WI) 4331 - Minority Politics. (3-0)
This course examines and analyzes the political participation of American minorities (Blacks, Hispanics, women, and other minorities) in the American political system and the impact of various public policies on minority groups. The course will emphasize the following topics: electoral participation; public policy participation, representation and implementation; protest politics; and political behavior. Some reference will be to Texas and the Southwest.

(WI) 4338 - Government and Politics of Latin America. (3.0)
A comparative analysis of political systems in Latin America, examining the impact of sociocultural and economic factors on political attitudes and behaviors. Special emphasison Mexico, Cuba, and Brazil.

(WI) 4358 - United States-Latin American Relations. (3-0)
Examinations of general policies, problems, and attitudes, together with detailed analysis of United States relations with selected countries.

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3327 - Multicultural Relations. (3-0)
The nature and the problems inherent in racial and other minority groups, with special reference to the American scene.

3337 - The Family. (3-0)
A comparative study of the family in various cultures, both historical and contemporary, with attention to the family in terms of social organization, social change, and social disorganization.

3366 - Folkways and Folklore: An Introduction. (3-0)
A study of the folkways of the cultures of Texas through selected examples of traditional beliefs, customs, folktales, songs, arts, games, artifacts, and techniques for the collection and preservation of folk materials.

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Social Work

4310 - Social Services to Minorities. (3-0)
Exploration of the roots of minority social work practice and the quality of present day social work with minorities. Primary focus is on knowledge and skills necessary for effective practice with women and selected ethnic minorities of the Southwest (African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans). Prerequisites: Social Work 1350 or permission of instructor.

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