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Summer & Fall 2020 Application


Revised February 9, 2020

Click here for a schedule of CPM courses with course and CRN numbers that will be offered during the Summer 2020 & Fall 2020 semesters. This schedule is also provided on the Texas CPM Website under the “Schedules” link at the top of the page.

Click here for a CPM Track Conversion Chart which lists CPM Tracks with undergraduate and academic course numbers. Students should use this conversion chart for preparing undergraduate and graduate degree plans.

Registration for all courses for the Summer 2020 & Fall 2020 semesters (including CPM courses) are scheduled with the regular Texas State University registration period which is March 30 – April 30, 2020 for the Summer 2020 semester and March 30 – July 31, 2020 for the Fall 2020 semester. 

Registration for CPM course for academic credit is the same registration period as for all Texas State University academic courses. Registration is done through the “Banner” Registration System

Please note that if you miss this registration deadlines you may still be able to register but you will have to pay an extra late registration fee to register for courses for academic credit.

The implementation of CPM courses into the Texas State University “Banner” Registration System requires all students wishing to receive academic credit for a CPM course offered in Round Rock or San Marcos to complete an online application form and file it electronically with Texas State University’s Office of Distance and Extended Learning (ODEL). Completion of the ODEL online form will allow you to receive an extension registration code which permits you to register in Banner for CPM courses in Round Rock and San Marcos for the Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 Semesters. Please note that you will have to complete a separate ODEL Approval form to register for courses in the Summer 2020 semester and the Fall 2020 semester

Go to  to complete the ODEL online approval form. Please contact Joshua Book (512) 245-6327 from the Office of Distance & Extended Learning (ODEL) if you have any problems with the completion of this form. If you have any specific questions about the CPM Courses contact Sue Breland at or 512/964-1446.

 Once the CPM Application form is completed and submitted you will be able to go to the “Banner” Registration System beginning March 30, 2020 and register for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 CPM courses in San Marcos & Round Rock Texas.

The cost for undergraduate CPM course in the Summer 2020 semester is $862.71. The cost for a graduate CPM course for the Summer 2020 semester is $1,012.71.

The cost for undergraduate CPM course in the Fall 2020 semester is $862.71. The cost for a graduate CPM course for the Fall semester is $1,012.71.