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Instructions for Registering for CPM Courses for Certification Only in Arlington, Round Rock and San Marcos

Go  to the Texas Certified Public Manager (CPM) website which is and look for the maroon banner in the center of the page which says, “Registration and Payment for Individual CPM Courses Certification Only: San Marcos, Round Rock and Arlington, Texas” 

Click on the maroon banner and then open one of the buttons which says, “Register Now: Arlington, Round Rock, San Marcos” Scroll down the list of CPM Tracks and open the link to the Track number for which you wish to register. Follow the instructions to complete and upload the registration and payment information.

If you wish to pay by a P.O and/or check and/or wait and pay at a later date, the registration form does offer you an option to pay later which you can select. After completing all of the required fields please submit the form. Before you submit the form be sure to add in the comments section of the form that you wish to pay by check or P.O. When the form is received, someone will email you with directions on how to pay by mail or pay for your registration by calling in your credit card information.