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Written Research Paper


1. You will meet with your program director to select a topic and discuss approaches, best practices, and methodology. The best topics are of interest to you and necessary or important to your job or career.
2. You will be required to do a short presentation of your topic and research for your classmates. This is generally 10-15 minutes in length with a question and answer time. See the Oral Presentation Guidelines for details.
3. You will have at least 2 months to complete your research. Your program director will be available to you on an independent study basis to assist you, answer questions, and give guidance.
4. The research paper must be completed and accepted by the program director before a student may graduate from the CPM program (conducted in June and December of each year).

Written Paper Guidelines


Here are some sample Applied Practicum Project Research papers that may help you get started.

Research Project Title Author(s) Year

Lake Nasworthy Parks: An Assessment of Public Priorities for Development and Operations

Carl White, CPM & Anthony Wilson, CPM
(Askew Award Winner)

“It's Not Easy Being Green” Understanding the True Value of Parks on Local Economies

Pam Nelson 2011

Leadership Command Profile Assessment Tool

Troy Gay, CPM
(Askew Award Winner)


The Will and the Way:  Deliberative Democracy in Theory and in Practice for Municipalities Scott Bollinger 2010
Overlapping Government Structures: The Timing, The Tribulations, And The Triumphs Matthew B. Garrett 2014
Succession Planning: Retaining Organizational Knowledge Cathy Morris 2012
The Budget Reform Movement: How Local Government Is Leading the Way Sakura Moten-Dedrick 2013
The Expanding Role of Public Libraries as an Interdepartmental and Interagency Resource Marc D. Marchand 2010
There Should Be An App For That: Cities, Citizens And Smartphone Applications Kellye Mazzoli 2013
The Movement Towards Priority- Base Budgeting:  Whatever Happened to Zero-Base Budgeting? Karen M. Rhodes 2010
Leadership Strategies to Shape Organizational Culture Daniel L. Presley 2012
Refocusing Government: Applying Requisite Organization Principles to Municipal Police Wages Tommy Williams 2013

What Cities Can Do to Prevent Firefighter Exposure to Toxic Materials and to Mitigate the Potentially Lethal Effects when Exposure Does Occur

Marcia Reyna 2018

Resilience: Equipping Houston to Manage Its Next Harvey Adapting Houston to the New Normal

Alberto Mares 2018

Reforming Texas Education Finance- A Value Added Tax Approach

Dr. Toni Wheeler 2018

A Journey to Fiscal Sustainability Through Land-Use

Matthew Jones 2019

The Unintended Consequences of the 100 % Disabled Veteran Property Tax Exemption in Killeen, Texas

Leslie Hinkle 2019

Local Government Role in Advancing Equity and Inclusion

Esmeralda Hudson 2019