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Track 7 Oral Presentation Guidelines

In addition to the Track 7 written research paper requirement, each student is required to complete an oral presentation of their research at a place and time determined by the Instructor, toward the end of the semester. The student’s research and paper may be complete or in progress at the time of the presentation.

These guidelines are meant to help students prepare for and successfully complete the 15 minute oral presentation portion of Track 7.


A.   Preparation

1.    In preparing for the oral presentation, design your talk to at least answer these questions:

  • My research question or hypothesis is...
  • The topic (the problem or opportunity) is important or of interest to me because...
  • My sources, used to assemble the facts and inform my opinions, included…
  • In my review of the literature I found (or am finding)...
  • My primary research process consisted (or will consist) of (i.e., survey, focus group, interviews, extensive data comparison, etc.)…
  • The results of my primary research included (or will likely include) (i.e., what questions were/are asked, description on population involved, some of the actual results found, what would you have done differently if anything, etc.)…
  • Through research, my conclusion is (or likely to be)…
  • From the process of conducting this research, I learned…

2.    You may create a visual presentation (i.e., Power point, charts, graphs, etc.) to accompany the oral presentation if you so choose. This, however, is not a requirement.

3.     A written abstract of the research is required. The abstract should be no longer than one page and is a high level description of your research question, its importance and the conclusions drawn

4.    Practice your presentation, timing yourself to ensure that you can complete your talk within the 15 minute time limit.


B.    On the Day of the Presentation

1.    If you created an electronic visual presentation in a Microsoft Office software to accompany your talk, bring the file on a jump drive. If you created materials in any other electronic format (including internet based), you should plan to bring your portable laptop with any required software.

2.    If you bring your own laptop, or any other needed equipment, please arrive at least 15 minutes early to test the equipment and compatibility with the projector.

3.    Bring at least 20 copies of your abstract for each person in class.

4.    When entering the presentation room, you will write your name on the board to determine the order in which you will speak. This will be first come, first choice.


C.    When Making the Presentation

1.    When it is your turn to speak, pass out the abstract to all students.

2.    If you brought an electronic presentation on a jump drive, install it in the computer provided or pull up the presentation on your laptop.

3.    Do not chew gum or speak with anything in your mouth.

4.    Use whatever notes will help you move through your presentation smoothly, answering at least the questions listed in A.1.

5.    Generally, a speaker system is not provided.  Speak slowly, loudly and clearly, directing your voice to the very back of the room.

6.    Someone in the room will give you hand signals to indicate when you have five and two minutes remaining, as well as, when time is up, so that you will be able to wind down the presentation accordingly.

7.     When you complete the presentation or time is called, fellow students will be invited to ask questions about your research. This will take no more than ten minutes. 


In cases where a disability exists, please contact the instructor for reasonable accommodation.

If you have any questions about the oral presentation, please contact your Track 7 Instructor.

Download Oral Presentation Guidelines